Saturday, March 20, 2010


I wanted to say THANK YOU to Erin at The Bailey Family for awarding me this sweet (get it?) award

This award asks that you list 7 things about yourself and give the award to 7 other bloggers.

I am sort of stuck on other bloggers, I have given most of my favorites awards already, but I am in desperate need of new blogs to read so I ask that you suggest other blogs that I (along with anyone who reads this blog) should be reading. I am on the computer alot at work, so your suggestions are appreciated! And don't be afraid to suggest your own blog, if I do not already read it!(Does that sound self important at all? I totally don't mean for it too!)

And 7 Things about Myself...
  1. There are 3 bottles of Holy Water in my work desk.
  2. My first peek into the blog world was through a food blog. I love food...I even enjoy reading menus. Strange, right?
  3. I think my iPhone (R.I.P.) may have been my soul mate.
  4. Three things I really want right now: an SLR camera, a new mattress, and a kitten.
  5. I have 3 tattoos.
  6. Once, I went into business selling colored pencil shavings on the playground.
  7. I spend a bajillion hours a week browsing Etsy at work. I am obsessed. I could spend major money. Usually, I email myself links to stuff I like. I just realized you could favorite items and shops, literally, today!

1 comment:

  1. We NEED a new mattress- not just want!
    And do you read or The are large, high-traffic blogs, but so awesome. They are mommy blogs- and Crissy is HILARIOUS