Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have crossed yet another motherhood milestone off of my list, and to be honest, it was one that I was hoping to avoid.

We had our first accident.

Gemma is okay, thank God, but she was in pain and it is kinda my fault, so of course I feel terrible.

So, since I took my LSAT in December, Gemma and I have been co-sleeping. I wouldn't describe the situation as ideal, but I certainly haven't hated the situation. She gets plenty of sleep, I get plenty of sleep, and the snuggles are kind of nice.

Do you have any idea where this is going yet?

Like, I was saying, we have been co-sleeping because it works for us, but somehow, Gemma fell out of bed, the night before last, face first, on to the hardwood floor. I was half asleep when it happened and I jumped out of bed to soothe my crying baby. I picked her  up, and rocked her, and after a few minutes of crying she calmed down.

On careful inspection she seemed fine (...and she was, I think that sentence may sound like she wasn't.). I was still terribly nervous about the entire situation so I stayed up and watched her sleep, and built a fortress of pillows around us, and I held her tight.

Eventually, we fell back asleep, but as soon as I woke up I KNEW something has to be done.I don't want anything like that to ever happen to my baby again.

Have I mentioned I feel awful?

I took my mattress of the frame last night, and I am going to start to transition her into a crib tomorrow night (Friday is easier, because my dad doesn't have to work the next day, and his room is right across from ours).

Any tips? I already know that I am uncomfortable with a "strict" Cry-It-Out regimen, but I realize there will probably be tears involved, no matter what I do.

Have you tried anything that works? I am open to any and all suggestions right now.

I am really anxious to begin this whole process. In the past, it has felt impossible, but now that I know in order to keep her safe, it must be done.

But how? Can she do it? Am I being mean? Where do I start? How long will it take?

Like I said, parenting milestones I would have hoped to avoid...


  1. Oh man! Poor Gemma. :( When we co-sleep, I'm constantly terrified of Levi falling out of bed!

    I know our way isn't the best, but it gets the job done... I have to get Levi to sleep with me holding him, it's the only way he'll fall asleep unless he's absolutely exhausted... and then I lay him in the crib and pat his back until he's fully back to sleep. He'll sleep there until morning just fine.

  2. Don't take my advice... but I sleep on the floor with Riley now just for that reason. Yeah.

  3. She may take to the crib just fine and not even fuss...never know. One thing that might help is to move her to the crib the first night after she falls asleep. Then, the next night, just before she falls asleep.

    Is it possible to scoot the crib up next to your bed temporarily? That way, when she wakes, she is still very close to you? Then, once she is settled into her crib, you could move it back to it's spot?

    We did a little of both, and really didn't have a problem with her fussing about being in her own least not until she was a toddler and wanted to wander around at night. Ha!

    Good luck!

  4. I'm going through it with my little boy, he's 11 months now. I started it at nap time since I figured night time would be more difficult. I walked into his room, kissed him goodnight and told him that I loved him and wished him sweet dreams and good sleep and then I laid him in his crib closed the door and walked out. That was the hardest thing to do because he was crying. I turned on his baby monitor but I kept it on low so it didn't seem like he was yelling at me.

    I kept myself busy and worked on a project and I went back and checked and he had fallen asleep. Afterwards I felt so happy. The next day I did the same thing and not a fuss out of him!! Night times aren't a problem now. I think that first day is the worst!

    I hope it all works out!

  5. Oh Kacie that stinks! Clint only lasted in our room for about 3 nights so he's been a crib sleeper ever since, but not without struggles and the occasional half-night spent in our bed.

    Here's a couple of suggestions:
    1. Clint has this little tag blanket that is about 12x12 that he snuggles every night. I rub that blankie all over my neck and chest when I lay him down and then give it to him so it smells like me. He holds it all night!
    2. If you don't do the blanket, most advice I've read says make sure they have some kind of snuggly to comfort themselves with.
    3. You might have to let her cry some if she just hates it, but do it for a set amount of time. We were having trouble getting Clint to sleep all night so we started officially "sleep training." When we would hear him start crying, we would insert ear plugs and turn the sound machine on but set the alarm for 45 minutes later. If he was still crying after that amount of time, we got up and offered him a bottle. It took about a week, but now he sleeps 12 hours straight in his room and in his crib. (I found that suggestion on the popular sleep thread on BBC)

    Hope that helps!

  6. Aw, Kacie, sorry to hear that but so glad Gemma is okay. Zakiah went straight from a bassinet to a crib with no problems for the most part so I dont have too much advice except for what Erin said right above me. Zakiah has a little snuggie that we got from Babies R Us that she loves to have with her in the crib. I never rubbed it over me to get my scent on it but I heard it is soothing for the baby and will probably work in your case since Gemma is so used to your smell overnight.

    I think it is personally okay to let her fuss for a little bit. It is something she has to go through and the sooner she learns how to sleep on her own, the better. It shouldn't' take any longer than a week or two for her to learn how to sleep but you do have to be consistent like every night in whatever method you decide to do because if you don't, you will only confuse her and make the process longer and more difficult. Gosh, I remember all the sleep issues I used to have with Zakiah around 2-3 months when I transitioned her to a more stable routine. It was rough but well worth the hard times. It will get better and maybe help Gemma get on a routine.

    Praying for you. ::hugs::

  7. thanks for the post on my blog! the ballerina sleeper is my favorite, so sweet!
    i would suggest that if she is on a good eat, play, nap schedule during the day it will be easier for her to fall asleep and stay asleep on her own in her own bed at night.
    it will probably stink with some tears in the beginning, but if you know that there is nothing wrong, and just sooth her with your voice if you need to, it should be much easier with in a few days.
    My Emory will still cry for about 2-4 minutes (just complaining not sobbing) and then fall into sweet sleep and be out for the night.
    so hard but so worth it!
    when she's sick i cuddle and rock her though:O)