Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy 6 Months (and two days) Gemma!

So it is time again to celebrate another month birthday with my Gemma Bean.

She is pretty excited about it, can't you tell?
(Can you also tell that I was too lazy to completely clear off my messy bed before snapping her pictures?!?)


February has been an awfully big month for us. I started working which means you started spending many hours a week at a babysitter (and not with me). It hasn't been a fun adjustment to make, but after a few weeks and a multiple sitters I think we have found a situation that works for us both.


Not only did you start with a babysitter this month, but you also started eating solid food. You have had oatmeal, avocado, peas, green beans, sweet potato, and squash (in that order), so far, and you have enjoyed everything except the avocado. When I feed you, you get anxious for the next bite and kick and hum, and it is sweet and funny and crazy all at the same time. (That is kind of how I would describe you in general!)


In other big news, you are really showing off your rolling skills a lot more. You move like a wild woman and lunge at everything around you, as is evident by your pictures this month.

You also have had your first tooth cut through. I can feel its sharpness (especially when you attack my hands and face, as you do daily), but I can't quite see it yet. I am in no rush. I can't believe there are teeth already.


Sleep doesn't really seem like an issue anymore. We still sleep together and I am okay with that. You don't wake much in the night, except for sometimes, if I am awake and tossing and turning. You take short naps during the day, and I have just come to expect/accept this of you.

We haven't been to your 6 month appointment yet, so I have no idea what you weigh. You are definitely getting bigger and looonger. You still have a couple tiny onesies floating around but I am starting to put you in mostly 6-9 months clothing and it fits well. Some of what you wear is 3-6 months, but I doubt that lasts longer. I love seeing you grow up and I am always excited for the stage that we are in, but for some reason it is putting away the clothes that gets me all sentimental.

Your diapers are still size 2.

Your bald patch has began to fill out a little and your  hair is getting longer and it is very wispy. It is especially long on the top. I am not quite sure what color it is. Your eyes are strange too, mostly brown but not completely still. Very mysterious looking ;)

You are a happy, loving, silly, smushy, loud, funny, adorable, cuddly, baby and I am loving getting to know you more and more each month. I love you in a way that words could never do justice and I will forever be lucky to have you in my life.

Thanks for choosing me,


  1. Awww, that was sweet <3
    And she looks so cute! Happy 6 Months!!!
    We have that same Boppy cover :)

  2. she looks like my older sister when she was little!

  3. Just wanted to leave a note and say WOW...cant imagine having a baby at 23 (I have four now). You should be proud of yourself. You are obviously mature and smart and will make the life you want for yourself and need for your daughter. Good luck and keep writing, you have a smart, human and funny voice.

  4. Hey girl, I found your blog through Kelly's Korner! I'm excited to become a follower of your blog! :)

  5. Thanks you all, and welcome K :)

  6. Clint didn't like Avocado either! I felt sure he'd be a fan, but the little stringy things in it got stuck in his throat (I think...) and he gagged a little.