Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Am Currently Obsessed With...

Looking at baby bathing suits.

They may be the cutest thing. Ever.

And you can trust me on that...I've got a lot of cute in my life.

Here are 3 that I just found on Amazon, all from Le Top.

Motherhood has made me so...squishy.

Which suit is your favorite? Do you have links to any other cute ones out there? 

I am sure it will be at least a month or two before I buy one, but until then, I want to OD on cuteness and daydream of warmer days =)


  1. Oooh, me too! They're so adorable. I can't wait to see Riley in one!

  2. So cute! I think the third one is adorable.

  3. those swimsuits are adorable. nothing like chubby legs sticking out under some ruffles. i will send an email if i spot any cute ones.

  4. I love the brand "Kate Mack" for little baby girls. Those are some of the cutest swimsuits! Google "Kate Mack" & see what comes up :)

  5. I think I vote for Number 2!

    I'm sad baby boys don't have as many options. If you see a good one, please let me know!