Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Don't Like You... But I Read Your Blog.

So, there is this one blogger.

I follow her, but she doesn't follow me, and I am sure she has never even seen this blog.

But I read hers. Almost every post she writes.

And the things is...I can not stand her.

Almost everthing she says, I kind of want to roll my eyes at. I don't relate to what she writes. I don't think she has good taste. She generally leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

So why in the H-E-double hockey sticks, do I read her blog?

I can't figure it out either.

Are there any blogs that you read, where you don't like the blogger? Am I the only senseless one?


  1. I read a blog like that but it made me mad every time so I finally stopped. Lol... its an unhealthy habit!

  2. I am SO curious about which blog you're talking about. But yes, there is a very famous mommy blog that I don't really like, but can't stop reading. No idea why. (Just so you know, I like your blog and you seem pretty darn nice too!)

  3. OMG YES! there are quite a few that i can't fucking STAND but i am alwayssss reading it O.O
    i cant stand dooce, but i read it....
    this one blog called apartment513... i hate it, but i follow it and read it and have commented...
    becoming-sarah... and others...

    i want to know what blog you're talking about!

  4. Please let me know which blog!! I hate knowing that there's something I don't know, haha. But, yes- I follow quite a few blogs that when I read them my mouth is usually wide up with shock/fascination/horror, etc.

    The biggest one for me was Under $1000 Per Month, but she stopped writing a few weeks ago because she couldn't take anymore of the negative comments. I never commented and I actually felt kinda bad for her, but she wrote some C-RAZY stuff! She still keeps the archives up so you should definitely check it out, it's a good read for shock and awe.

    There is one single mom blog that I follow that I can't stand- everything she writes is so freakin' negative.

    Okay, your turn- which blog is it? Please don't make go through all of the blogs you follow! haha, jk, but still...

  5. Katie- UNDER 1000 PER MONTH DROVE ME NUTS! but I read it religiously. I seriously was appauled by the blogger and her house.
    btw, Kacie, I still want to know :)

  6. Yes. I even went and posted/vented about it on BBC. I finally stopped following because she just annoyed the HELL (I'm not afraid to say it! lol) out of me. Ugh. We should swap URLs and see if we both agree. lemme know if you're interested! Maybe you should e-mail me about it though because she does still follow my blog. haha

  7. Yep, I have one of those, too. But I can't stop reading it. Such is life in the bloggy world. Ha!

  8. Oh yeah, I have to admit I don't love that blog either. I had it on my reader and then removed it!