Tuesday, June 9, 2009

84,83,82 & 81 Days Until Baby (Plus 80 Days Until Baby)

Sooo Much to catch up on it feels like! My "funk" has yet to completely dissapate so I guess that has been a contributing factor to my lack of daily blogging. Also, the fact that I have felt the need to catch up on EVERYTHING that has been missed. Instead, I will do my best...Say some and probably leave some out.

Ok, so Saturday...

Saturday was a typical Saturday. We went yard sale-ing and then went to visit my brother and his girlfriend. Afterwards, we ate at this new wing place in town. It was pretty good...The wings were not exactly special, but do wings have to be special to be enjoyed by a pregnant woman? I think the two are meant to be regardless of circumstance!

The most exciting thing about Saturday was I was 28 weeks pregnant! I am looking back at it, a wise 28 wks 3 days, but still it was exciting nonetheless. I found this survey that I am going to try to do every Saturday to celebrate my progressing one week!
  • How far along?: 28 weeks

  • Total weight gain: 16 Pounds

  • How big is baby?: According to Baby Center, 2.25 pounds or about the size of a Chinese cabbage.

  • Maternity clothes?: I still don't own maternity shirts! I just wear large t-shirts mostly...I have a couple longer t-shirts that fit and I have bought one extra large fitted shirt that works... I wear sweats, my comfy old navy pants and I have a pair of black maternity capris and jean maternity capris that I wear. My bra size has gone up from a 36 a/34 b to a 38 c! 

  • Stretch marks?: I have a few dark ones on one side of my chest... 

  • Sleep?: Some nights? I feel like I could always use more, but I feel I sleep a lot too. Some nights I am up and down, others less so...It seems random.

  • Best moment this week?:  Ahh...If I had posted Saturday I would have known!

  • Movement?: Good days and bad like usual :(

  • Food cravings?: Apple toaster strudels. I at the whole box in one week! Also, beef ramen. I ate a lot of it last week.

  • Labor signs?: None yet, thank God. 

  • Belly button in or out?: It is still in! I am not sure I think it will pop. 

  • What I miss: Happy hour! Lunch meat. Sleeping however I want...

  • What I'm looking forward to: My appointment tomorrow, and possibly seeing the baby again...

  • Milestone: ...

    So that was Saturday...

    Sunday I visited the grandparents... and then I went and got two kittens. They are super cute and still nameless! I will post with pictures soon!

    Monday was crazy. I had a huge anxiety/panic attack. Thank goodness I have calmed down. I won't even go into it, it was so embarassing. 

    Tuesday... Meh. Nothing to report, except that is when I originally started this post, and I had a lot more to say! I have learned my lesson and will be posting wayyy more often from now on. 

    Wednesday/Today was an okay day.

    I had a WIC appointment this morning. It is kind of embarassing, but sooo many women qualify for WIC and I am glad to have a little bit to contribute to the house since I am unable to work. It is not much but at some point every little bit helps.

    I decided to treat myself to a McDonalds breakfast which was such a bad idea! Basically it just made me so tired and then I had really bad heartburn for forever. Yuck. 

    Next was my doctors appointment. I still weigh 152. Everything seems pretty great except for my anxiety which I got PRESCRIBED A MASSAGE FOR! How amazing is that???  Hopefully insurance covers it. I am pretty psyched! I might make the appointment for early next week to give myself something to look forward to but then I won't have to wait long.

    I met up with my friend A for a coffee and then came home for a bit...headed to the grocery store and went out to dinner with the family...


    My interesting life.


    I promise to post more often cuz it is kind of wack like this! I apologize! And pictures of the kittens will be included soon too!

    -80 Days Until Baby


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