Wednesday, June 17, 2009

74 & 73 Days Until Baby

So yesterday was pretty okay...I brought my sister back and forth to work 4 times so that was slightly time consuming!

I also got my massage! It felt soooo nice! I think that might be what we are getting my dad for father's day. The lady who did the massage was kind of chatty at first and I really just wanted her to be quiet and rub me! Eventually she quieted, I relaxed, and all is well.

Afterwards I was a little worried as I experienced a little bit of cramping/tightening of my stomach. It was so bad that while I was in the store I thought I might need to leave before paying (for the $80 camera that was on clearance for $8!!! Birthday present for my step-brother) I called my mom and she suggested calling the doc but now I am paranoid that they will think that I am being a crazy psycho any time I have any questions or concerns. Maybe I am a little paranoid but I have no clue what is going on with my body!!!

Oh well, all is better today...except I think the massage gave me a crick in my neck! My luck... And my poor, pitiful, 22 year old body ;)

Today was blah.

The highlights:


It's okay though...I only have about 2 and 1/2 months left of lazy days for the next 18 years. I am going to enjoy them, live presently, and try not to let my crazy thoughts turn this time into something negative.

Too much time to think can be way dangerous.

-73 Days Until Baby


  1. I'm so glad you got your massage! Maybe you can request another masseur if you get to have one again. I wish my doctor had prescribed me that.

    Have you finished registering yet? You should register for anything and everything, because most places, like Target and Babies r us, will send you a 10-15% off coupon about a week after your due date, for anything not yet purchased on your list. I registered for a camera, exercise tapes, post partum clothes, etc. I didn't expect anyone to buy that stuff, but I knew they were things that I might be able to afford with the coupon.

    Are you applying to Law School?

  2. Haha...
    The massage was definitely nice! If I can get insurance to cover it I am definitely asking for another one!

    As far as registering, I have! I was thinking I might add a bunch of extra stuff to the registry after my shower, just so people don't think I am asking for really random gifts :)

    And I am pretty sure I am applying to law school, in December. I was supposed to take my LSAT this past spring but with all the pregnancy news sinking in and such I postponed it so I am taking it and applying in December! I am a little anxious about taking the baby away to school somewhere, and even to how all of that will work but my undergrad is in PR and Sociology so I definitely need some further education to support this little girl!