Friday, June 19, 2009

72 & 71 Days Until Baby

I refuse to allow the highlight of this post to be food or a television show, for the third post in a row...

I think I may have nothin'!

I did go with C to look for baby shower gifts today...didn't find much but we did almost get run off the road while driving back. Awesome. Not.

My pregnant brain is psychotic btw. I am afraid of dogs, loud noises, trucks, etc. I think about life and death and what it all means wayyyyyy more than normal. I wonder if the paranoia and pondering are normal to pregnancy or just me. I can't wait for all the feel good hormones to kick in once the baby is born so I can feel less depressing and wound up. I am actually not depressed at all I just think about sad things and in the moment that I am thinking of them I become sad...

wierd, wierd, wierd...

-71 Days Until Baby

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