Monday, June 15, 2009

77, 76, & 75 Days Until Baby

I am a quarter of a way through the countdown I started at the beginning of this blog! Imagine that!

Since I have last written I reached 29 weeks... Definitely within the third trimester :) I have noticed that my belly button has become even flatter at some point when I wasn'y paying attention recently. I still doubt that it will pop completely out...

This weekend was nice. Today was good.

Chipotle + 1/2 price DARK DENIM maternity jeans = :)

This week is baby week on Discovery Health...I am slightly excited and at the same time slightly depressed that that has become exciting.

I finished the book I was reading. It was random, cheesy Brit chick lit...

Now, I am reading a book on dwarves. It seems interesting so far but lately if I read like 10 pages I am fast asleep so it has been slow going reading any thing lately. That is so out of character for me. I guess this whole growing another person really can be draining.

-75 Days Until Baby

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