Wednesday, June 24, 2009

66 Days Until Baby

Highlights of my 30 Week Doctor's Appointment
  1. Blood pressure is up, but still good.
  2. I gained 6.5 pounds in 2 weeks (wtf?!?!) bringing my total weight gain somewhere around 18-23 pounds (yikes!).
  3. Baby is already in a head down position.
I saw somewhere today (on a message board maybe?) that time really starts to fly around this point. I think it would make sense for this to be true. With childbirth classes every week, doctors appointments every two weeks, an upcoming baby shower, and the fury of preparation that is sure to follow I think the baby prep part of my life will be pretty full.

I also talked to my doctor about a family vacation scheduled for the week of August 16th. My due date is August 29th. I am torn as to what I should do...As expected the doctor reccomended strongly that I stay here, her primary concern being delivering far from home in a strange hospital with doctors that don't know me and such. Problem is, my whole family is going so if I don't I would be at the house, by myself, at 38 weeks pregnant which seems at least an equally crummy situation. It is a lazy beach trip, so the nature of it would not be an issue. Just traveling and distance. I have 8 weeks or so to contemplate and I shall...

Hmmm...Other than that...

I have kind of been slacking in the life planning department. I haven't done ANYTHING to make steps toward my law/grad school goal. I've planned on planning but haven't really gotten around to it (even though I literally do NOTHING all day, every day.) Maybe it is pregnancy brain or exhaustion or a combination of both, maybe it's laziness, or maybe it is all of those or none of those. Not sure.

Oh! And I got facebook back. Not too far into the pregnancy someone was hacking into all my stuff online so I deleted facebook. I recreated a hidden profile so I can at least stay in better touch with my close friends and I think it is a good thing. I am still a little nervous but I think maybe I am just paranoid.

I still don't think I want random people I went to school with to know I am pregnant.

I wonder if they do?

-66 Days Until Baby

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  1. Congratulation hun! I arrived random in to your blog and i liked it! I really wish you good luck!! I'm a mum of a little boy called Marlow and I really enjoy reading other mummy stories online. Have you picked a name for baby yet? I rememer I spent a lot of time chilling out choosing my baby names. Here a great link It a big responsability choose the name... Finger and toes crossed for your baby. Jo