Wednesday, June 10, 2009

80 Days Until Baby Part Deux-My Story Is Not Over: The Big 300 and a Giveaway!

My Story Is Not Over: The Big 300 and a Giveaway!

This blogger asked how blogging has changed our lives...

To be honest I probably can not say my life has changed a whole lot yet (it has been less than a month!) but I do feel that I am sort of forced to look for the interesting parts in my day. I have yet to really get into blogging well or telling stories but I have been able to add the perspective to my life as far as trying to look in from an outsiders point of view. 

Another added bonus, I am more motivated to take pictures which is great and I am also more likely to notice the random milestones. I think it will make me more appreciative of all that I have, especially as I have been feeling that I don't have a lot. 


  1. I began blogging when I was pregnant and my oldest is now 4 years old. I am SO thankful to have all of the memories that I do written down so not only I can re read in years to come but so can my boys!

    Congrats on expecting!

  2. I just finished reading all your posts and I remember feeling exactly the way you do now. You're a few years younger than me when I got pregnant, but I was in law school, and it was like all of a sudden everything I'd worked my whole life for was out the window.

    I'm in a much better mental place now, but I wasted so much time worrying that no matter what I did in the future, "this" was going to be how people defined me. It's freaking hard to say goodbye to all the plans and ideas you thought were going to be your future. Even now, I often say to myself without thinking "when I grow up and get married and have children..." and then I remember.

    Is your baby daddy involved at all? I understand if you don't want to answer, I don't like talking about mine. (we rarely see him and Spencer has no idea who is he when we do).

    Please let me know if there's anything I can do or if you have any questions- especially about what to buy and what's crap- I'm an expert because I have all of it :)

    Thanks for your reply, it was refreshingly honest!