Thursday, July 8, 2010


When I first started this blog, I came here and I rambled.

Then, I started reading other blogs...better blogs...and I realized that they had cool things, like pictures and, well, a point to what they are writing about. So, I decided, I will have a point too. I will write a better blog.

At first it was great. When I learned how to blog, I really enjoyed my posts more. I liked that they were similar to posts that I would like to read.

And then, the mental-ness happened. What is the mental-ness you ask? The mental-ness is a really ditzy way to describe overthinking, that I saw (heard?) on Cheerleader Nation the other day. Funny, right?

And who-zzle, the mentalness came and I began over thinking every single blog post. I felt ashamed whenever I had a post with no pictures. I felt embarassed when I didn't have an over-all message. I felt silly when I addressed you, my reader directly-totally a faux pas.

I've mentioned this before, but the mental-ness has hung around...for a while now, and in order to be myself, and to reclaim my voice here, I am going to have to overcome this.

I'm going have to just do the damn thing.

For myself.


(obviously, the bloggy vacay wasn't want I really needed)

Who knew blogging could lead to random identity crises.

So, be prepared for some randomness. And a continued lack of pictures (that I won't feel sorry about any more.) And maybe some light cursing, because even though I don't curse very often, sometimes it's just needed.

Damn it.

The mental-ness I mean...


  1. Love (and completely identify with) the randomness!

  2. it seems you are going through EXACTLY what I am. I think we all hit this bump sometimes.