Friday, July 9, 2010

Let the Randomness Begin!

I promised here goes!

Today was an okay day. I ate a cookie for breakfast, and then went to the gym. Luckily, Gemma didn't cry while she was at the gym daycare, which is a stark contrast to every other time we go to the gym.

As if I need another excuse not to work out. Pfft.

That was pretty much the peak of excitement for us. Other than that, my day was laundry and the back to back to back episodes Grey's Anatomy. And another cookie, because, hello, if I didn't eat it right that second it would haunt me until it did. Plus, after it was gone I could start eating healthy.

Do you like my logic?

Yesterday, I accidentally stepped on Gem's hand  and somehow broke her skin. I suck. And, I am fat enough to rip baby skin, so really...enough with the cookies.


Now...I am at work, staring out the window and being nervous about the rain clouds I see approaching. As if I am not already a spazzy enough driver, we (my father and I) were in a small accident last Friday, and it totally shook me. We were t-boned out of no where, from some lady doing some crazy something or other. I wish I was good at explaining traffic stuff. Either way, like I said, I am already a spazzy driver so this has made me extra spazzy, and  I am driving a rental right now which is different and then the stupid rain clouds.


I am working this weekend, so I am being uncharacteristically passive aggressive and goofing around on the Internet, as opposed to actually working. I am searching for a birthday shirt for Gemma and trying to decide between a mermaid shirt that is something like this:

A cute name/number Etsy shirt like this:

Or maybe just going an entirely different route and getting her a dress or something.

Decisions, Decisions.

I am also over thinking birthday crap, because my dad threw a wrench in my color scheme plan (light blue, light pink, dark pink) by going and buying all of the napkins, plates, and silverware that I need for the party in this color:

Which, is fine, and it will still work, but it is not light blue so I am re-thinking. Also, I wanted to do silverware and stuff in all of my colors, but he bought a lot of each item and all in blue, so I am not sure if I should buy more of the same in my two shades of pink and risk having a ton of extra plates and stuff or if I should use all blue and incorporate my pinks some other way. It was definitely a good thing he did, and I am so happy to have one less expense...I am just being myself and wayyy over thinking it.

What do you think? About the shirts and the plates?

Ohhh...and if you haven't done so yet, enter my giveaway...please?

Here is the link.

Later Gator!

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