Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Birthday Party Update...and Help Me Choose...and Vote for Levi!

I am this close to having a PDF of Gemma's invitation. It was finished today, but unfortunately the date was wrong. Hopefully I will have the corrected version in the morning and then I will be able to them printed and in the mail soon. I will also try to take a picture of a printed invite to share with y'all here!

(f.y.i. I have written about 10 different sentences, and then deleted, just to get this far. Even within this parenthesis. What's up with that?)

I am going back and forth on my menu, so I thought that I would ask that you all help me choose. I am anticipating anywhere from 30-60 guests, so that could vary wildly, depending upon how many of my friends are tied up at the end of August.

Option A:

The Shell Shack Taco Bar... Pretty much a typical taco bar. I am thinking carne asada, grilled chicken, black beans, and then various tortillas/salsas/other toppings. I was also thinking about doing some sort of a Mexican inspired cupcake to carry on with the theme...dulce de leche, or something like that. Pros, I looove Mexican food, and it can easily be veggie friendly.

Option B:

Sandwich Sushi....Various sandwiches rolled into sushi rolls, and maybe have some cut into sea shell or mermaid, or number one shapes. Pasta salad with shell pasta. A couple other side dish/appetizer things. This idea could really go anywhere...I am having hard time narrowing down the menu going this route, but I do think it would be easy and light. Pros, most people like sandwiches, and we can have a variety of different things.

Option C:

All finger foods. Because the party is in between meal times, I am wondering if I could get away with just doing an appetizer table and a dessert table. My biggest concern would be that sometimes little bites are time consuming to make. Pros, finger foods are great for parties, and it might be most appropriate for the time of day.

Option D:

Something else entirely...any suggestions?

Oh, and after your done planning this menu for me could you do me another favor? Could you visit my blog friend Beth, and help her out? She is hosting a giveaway and also trying to get votes for a photo contest that her ADORABLE son Levi is in. If you want to enter her giveaway, it is here, and if you just want to place a vote for Levi, you can do that here.

Actually, I just got an idea! If you vote for Levi and/or enter Beth's giveaway, leave a comment on my giveaway for each that you do, for extra entries.

Well, my poor backspace is exhausted already tonight, so I guess this is all for now... Bye y'all!


  1. Thanks lady!

    Personally - I'm being drawn towards Option A (I may be slightly dyslexic because I just tried to spell that as "Aption"...dur.), but that's probably only because I loooove tacos! But C would be good if you're not having the party at a meal time! (And probably the route I'll be taking in October. :) )

  2. I think Option C is the best- in my opinion!! Good luck!! :)