Thursday, July 15, 2010

Empowering or Innapropriate

This is a toddler shirt.
They also sell it in onesies, and maybe older kids sizes.
And of course, this is available too:

So whaddya think?
Showing pride in single parenting?
Or just airing dirty laundry?


  1. I don't think it's completely inappropriate, but I don't think I would buy it.

    I once was sent a picture message of a toddler T-shirt my cousin saw at hot topic that had stick figure drawings that were labeled "mommy" "me" "asshole" I've been tempted from time to time to search it out and buy one. haha.

  2. i bought my daughter a onesie when she was a baby that said "daddys little squirt" with a picture of little sperms with smilie faces- my husband loved it...idk i just thought it was kinda cute...i dont think the single parent ones are inappropriate, its all a matter of your personal comfort level...i think its kinda endearing actually! :) (thinking of buying one that says "watch your f***ing mouth around the baby!" - but so far im losing that battle...cause that one is kinda inappropriate! :)

  3. I do not know what that shirt would be inappropriate? We are not living in the 60's anymore and being a single mom is not 'dirty laundry' to me at all.

    It is a fact of life for many parents and children, so why not let them and their parent celebrate that fact?

    If others have an issue with it, then it becomes THEIR problem.