Monday, July 12, 2010

Confession # 4

I've developed another (slight) addiction.


Yes, giveaways. I managed to stay away from giveaway blogs until very recently, and then one day...I got bored.

And I entered.

And then...hey, look over here...there's another.

So, I entered that one too.

And then I was over it, because one can only say type,   "I really love the owl shaped case with the orange beads," so many times before it gets old.

Well, to my surprise, I won. Something small but I won.

And then it was on.

Since then, I have won 4 other blog giveaways, in a matter of a month or so.

Woo Hoo. Free stuff. Free stuff that is doubly good, because I am usually on the clock when I am entering, although, I wouldn't really reccommed that strategy.

Anyway, since I am such a winner lately, I thought I would give you my top 3 tips for entering blog giveaways. Then, maybe you will win someting like the Popcorn, Indiana Popcorn that I won from Familylicious Reviews.

Tip #1: Only enter giveaways for stuff that you like and that you think you can be used by you or by someone you know. And no, selling it on Craigslist does not count as a using, and you do not know KimK456 on Ebay either. I think this rule is important for two reasons. The first, is that you don't want to waste your time entering for things you don't care about. Save your time, energy, and typing fingers for something that excites you. There are no shortage of giveaways out there, so focus on ones that really interest you. The second reason, I think it is just good karma. Why take something you don't even like when there is somebody out there who would love (or at least like) to win it? When random luck is involved, you need all the karma you can get!

Tip #2: Create a new Twitter account and use that for giveaway entry purposes. There are often many opportunities for extra entries through following or Twitter and sending out Tweets, but you may not want to flood your personal account (or those your personal friends) with all of the giveaway mumbo jumbo. I just started doing this recently, and it is adding up to lots of extra entries!

Tip #3: Consider the number of entries. This goes back to the idea of making the most out of your time. If there are 1,100 entries for a $5 product, it may not be worth your time to even bother entering but if there are 1,100 entries for something super awesome, it may be worth it to be enter even with less than awesome chances of winning. On a more positive note, low entry giveaways, which for me are giveaways with less than 100 or 200 entries depending on the item, give you much better odds of winning, which is great! Plus, when you enter these giveaways you are supporting some lesser known bloggers, so again, GOOD KARMA! One great blog I have found, with listings of low-entry giveaways, is Ten Talents, where Stephanie hosts daily Low Entry Lowdown!

Or, you could just enter my very own low-entry giveaway. Your chances are good there too.

Knock On Wood

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  1. That was a great rundown on the giveaway blogs, especially the twitter account idea! I've entered into a few, and one once, but I think my problem is that I only enter ones that everyone else has. Really, what are the chances that I will be the one random winner one Pioneer Woman's giveaways when she gets 40,000+ comments? But I still do it, I can't help myself, haha!