Monday, April 12, 2010

Swing into Spring

This weekend was a a good one. My sister came home from college so that we (along with my mom's girlfriend,) could participate in the walk for the March of Dimes.

The walk was Saturday morning. They said to be there at 8:00 p.m., so true to my nature, I was there at 8:00. We were definitely among the first to arrive, but it was warm and sunny, and I almost forgot that it was morning (the free doughnuts and coffee probably helped.)

The walk was short and sweet, 3 miles, the worst of which was a particularly steep hill. No biggie.

We finished, at Papa John's pizza, and went on our way. We didn't stay for the awards, partially because we didn't raise very much money, and partially because there was a lot we wanted to get done that day.

We left the park, where the walk began and ended, and went to drop my mom's girlfriend off, and pick up Gemma and my little sister Abby (who is 2 and a half).

After picking them up my younger sister Kait (who is 20), had to go to the flea market, go buy a birthday present, and attend a birthday party for my babysitter's twin granddaughter's who were turning three.

The birthday party was actually at the same park, the very same pavillion even, that the March of Dimes walk had started at in the morning. That is small (ish) town livin' for you, I guess.

Here is another picture of Gemma on the swing. She loved it! My sister Kait took the picture though, as I was somewhere chasing down Abby, who was a little but overly excited. If you look behind Gemma, to the left of her head, you can kind of see the birthday party.

When it was time for cake and presents, we tried to wrangle little Abby back to picnic shelter. She wasn't having it AT ALL, so we called it a day, and left the park to bring her home. Well, to be honest, we carried her kicking and screaming out of the park, while hoping to go as unnoticed as possible by the rest of the park-goers. This kid was screaming , and saying thing like "Oh my God, I just want to slide," and "I don't want no party,"...

Mama's of toddlers, I applaud you. She wore me out.

The rest of the weekend was simple. We watched movies (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Gran Turino), cooked out on the grill (sliders), and Gemma and I even took a nice long nap together.

*big dramatic sigh* Oh, Spring...How I love thee.

And Oh, Abby. Oh, Abby.

Bonus Picture:

Gemma was napping in the shopping cart while we were birthday present shopping (sometimes it is easier than using the stroller if she is sleeping, and I only have a few things to get.) 

I was easily ammused by the ovbivous, baby-in-jail  effect of this picture. Someone call the mushy gushy police A.S.A.P!

So, how was your weekend?


  1. What sweet pictures! Spring is so much fun except for the pollen, which is in full swing here in Richmond. And yes, toddlers are... well, very very tiring. But it's also nice to be able to actually communicate with them. Each age has it's positives and negatives- and there are A LOT of positives about the toddler years and A LOT of negatives, haha!

  2. Thanks!

    And I bet communication is such a blessing! I really believe every age has its ups and downs!