Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

So, I had something in mind to post for today. It was deep and thoughtful and I really wanted to get it out, but I am actually being expected to work while I'm at...well, work this evening, so I guess I will save it for another day. For tonight, I thought it would be much easier to participate in Random Tuesday Thoughts via The Un Mom, instead. (added later: somehow this post still took a ridiculously long time.)

  • So, I'm not going deep and thoughtful today, but this girl did. And I loved it. Please read this post.
  • For some reason, I keep contemplating writing a post about pooping at work, but then I remind myself, that I don't even like to talk about poop, much less blog about poop. Also, I am pretty sure it has been blogged about before, as there are many other bloggers who have posted on all things poop. So why do I keep contemplating a post about poop?
  • I lost an entire can of formula this morning. What the frick? I couldn't find it. I searched the entire house. I had to go to my mom's house to get the can I keep up there.
  • Yesterday, when I dropped Gemma off at the sitter's, I brought her diaper bag in and somehow, without noticing it, I brought it back out to the car and sat it in the passenger seat, where I didn't notice it until I pulled into work. A full 20 minutes away from the babysitter's house. Being the awesome mom that I am, I decided that if the sitter needed anything in there that she would call me, so I just headed into work. She didn't call. (b.t.w. I keep stuff like formula and diapers and wipes and all the other must-have items at the sitters. Basically, the most important thing that she was without was a change of clothes. Still, not my proudest moment.) And again, what the frick?
  • I feel fat, so I started a blog here. I am not linking so that you will read it, only so that if/when you discover it, you don't hate me for cheating on you. I thought the blog would be good motivation to lose some weight, but I am not even motivated to write on that blog. Lame.
  • Tuesday might be my favorite day of the week, solely because it is the best t.v. day. Tonight, I am DVR-ing American Idol, Glee, The Parenthood, 19 Kids and Counting, and 16 and Pregnant. Please don't judge me ;)
  • I had Gemma in a silly Facebook contest to win a free photoshoot. She lost. Darn it.
  • I work in the boonies, so there is nothing very little in the way of streetlights, which of course means high beams are necessary. What isn't necessary, is inconsiderate jerks who leave their high beams on and blind me every 30 seconds on my way home from work. Have I mentioned, jerks?!?!
  • Ooo, I forgot to mention this before, but this weekend I reached 50 followers! I am super excited. I mean, I know it doesn't matter and all of that but still...It made me happy.
Well, there's that (wow, what a clever way to end this post.) See you later homies!

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