Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy 8 Months Gemma

Happy 8 months pretty baby! This month has been such a sweet time with you. I have enjoyed it so much. You are the sweetest, silliest, funniest human being I have ever met. 


You are a huge ham, and literally break out into a HUGE smile whenever the camera comes out. Unless you are concentrating hard on something else, which you tend to do. I think concentrating is your second favorite thing in life, just after smiling.

Again, I am at a loss to say what really stood out for me about this month. We just started baby swim today! That was fun! Also, the weather is finally warming up (sometimes), so I am able to take you outside a lot more. It is interesting for me to see how you interact with new surroundings. I enjoy seeing your face light up when the breeze blows, or seeing you raise your eyebrows at an animal scurrying by, or even your awkward uncomfortable-ness (yes, I'm mean), when I plopped you in the grass sans blanket for the first time. Many moms have said this before, but I like seeing you, see the world.

Down to the nitty-gritty stuff, that probably only I care about...

You sleep good at night. We still co-sleep, and I am okay with that. You nap well enough. Usually, either in the car on someone's lap. You aren't the kind of baby that you can plop down and they fall asleep. I am pretty sure I am the one to blame, and again, I'm okay with that.

You are definitely not loving the Excersaucer as much as you used to. You are at a strange in between stage, where you want to explore the world, but you still don't want to leave mama's lap. It is endearing and frustrating at the same time. I think you get frustrated too, because, come on... there is only so much you can do on my lap!

When you are on the ground, you roll all over. You can also sit up pretty well, and you don't fall over when you get excited. You aren't crawling, but that's cool. All in your own time, right?

You have grown so much recently, I can hardly believe you are the same baby sometimes. You are huge. Well…to me at least! I have no idea how much you weigh anymore, but I would guess…18-20 pounds? That seems right. You are tall too. I am buying all of your clothes in 6-12, 9 month, or 12 month sizes. I especially need the larger sizes for your pants and sleepers. You are seriously long legged.

Your diapers are still size 3. I like the diapers from Costco. Cuz they're cheap.

I swear the moment I started giving you solid food is when you started to grow so much. I know that they say that the first 6 months of solids are mainly just for practice in eating, but I think you have grown so much more in the months that you have been on them. Maybe it is just a coincidence?

You have tried pretty much every baby food in a jar. I had high hopes of making all of your babyfood myself, and then one day I read the ingredients on a jar of food…it said sweet potatoes and water. After that, I gave myself permission to feed you jar food, although I do always read the labels. You also eat random chunks of fruit (like cantelope slices), bits of other things I am eating that are baby friendly, baby mum mums, formula, and you still nurse 2-3 times a day. So yeah…you eat a lot.

Your hair is growing longer and thicker by the day. It wisps up around your ears, and you still have an extra long strip of down the middle of your head. I am excited to see what color it will be, it is so hard to tell with baby hair. I am pretty sure it is lighter than mine.

Your eyes are lighter too, and they still aren't completely brown. Still, still changing?

Oh, and you still only have two teeth. I love your little teeth.

Except when they are digging into the side of my face. One of your favorite games is to grab me by the hair, and pull my face to you so that you can bite it. Yes, it is just as painful as it sounds. Could you please stop that? I try to move away but I get outsmarted by an infant. Seriously.

Physical abuse aside, I love, love, love being your mama. It is an honor and a privilege. I only hope that I can be the mama that you deserve in the months and years to come. 

Every step of the way, I am excited to see you grow, and watch how you change me too. You make me better, stronger, smarter, happier, and maybe even more beautiful.

You really are my precious Gem.

Forever and Always,




  1. loving the pictures...i especially love the last one where shes taking the paper off the wall...end of the photo op mom!!! :)

  2. Aw, Jude does a lot of the same things. :D
    They're all pretty cute except for the exersaucer aversion... That one's a bit frustrating.

  3. Such a cute little lady! Happy 8 months Gemma!