Monday, April 26, 2010

Just to Hear Myself Type

Hey y'all!

If you are looking for anything of substance, please click away! I have been up to a, "whole lotta nothing," as we like to say around here. Or maybe everywhere...does everybody say that?

I did not have to work this weekend so of rained. Well, in all honesty it rained Saturday, but Sunday was a nice day. Gemma and I went shopping for bathing suits.

The horror...I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't that. Bathing suit shopping for myself ended up being much harder than I had expected. Maybe that will be the reality check that I need to really get myself into shape.

There is no excuse for the way I look right now.


On a more positive note, I lost my debit card. Oh wait, that isn't positive either. Actually it sucks. Seriously...I lose eeeeverrrrryyyyyy thing. And it needs to stop. ASAP.

How's a girl to online shop without a debit card?

Are you still reading this mess? As I said, today...I've got nothing.

But tomorrow, Water Babies starts AND Gemma turns 8 months old...

So maybe tomorrow, I will have something.



  1. This made me laugh because I lose everything too- I memorized all my credit card numbers, haha!

  2. I feel your pain.... when i gave birth to my daughter... I swear I gave birth to part of my brain as well... i had to make a special place for my keys and force myself to put them there everyday... or i lose them... sigh... hope you find your card... Happy 8months Gemma!