Monday, April 19, 2010

First, I Would Like to Thank Jesus...

I won an award! Thank you so much,  I Love You to the Moon Mommy! I have recently found her blog, and love reading about her and her Fairy Princess.

The rules of this particular award are:

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
2. List who gave the award to you and use a link to her/his blog (or hyperlink).
3. List 10 things that make you happy
4. Pass the award on to other bloggers and visit their blog to let them know about the award.
My list of things that make me happy (in no particular order):
  1. Weekends off of work.
  2. Naps (both mine and Gemma's are quite nice.)
  3. Festivals and Fairs. Games, rides, greasy food...what more could a girl want?
  4. Being barefoot.
  5. Aimless walks with good friends.
  6. A clean house.
  7. Chocolate covered frozen bananas.
  8. Kittens and most other cute wittle baby animals.
  9. Winning. (most of the time, of course, its not always a good thing.)
  10. Unexpected kindness.
And now, to pass it on. Crap. I hate this part of awards, just because I never know who to pick. What if they don't "do" awards? And what if they don't like me? Crap!

Hmm....Well if growing up in a broken home has taught me anything, it is that love is conditional (I'm joking I promise, but I needed a segue...)  so this is what I will do. I have 3 questions that have been weighing heavily on my mind, and if you comment with an answer, you can take the award. Because you make me happy. And you deserve it. And I know if I say, "whoever wants the award, take it, " no one will take the award, because who really wants an award they didn't earn. Right?

Can you tell I am tired today?

So, my 3 conditions questions:
  1. Gemma is almost 8 months old, and I realize I haven't been giving her as many finger foods as I should. Do you have any suggestions for things that make good finger foods?
  2. I need a pair of black flats and a camera case. Any links to cute suggestions online?
  3. Every weeknight, I work from 5-9. Thanks to this strange schedule, my eating patterns have gone crazy. So, if you were me, what times would you eat? I usually wake up around 8 or so, and I am a 3 meals a day kind of girl...for some reason, I just can't figure it out! Also, do you have any ideas for dinners that can be thrown together really quickly and easily, when I get home at night?
Thanks for your help y'all! And I realize #2 and #3 are both two questions in one, so if you answer any part of them, feel free to take the award. Or really, if you are reading this, you can just take the award...but I am pretty sure you won't do that...right?


  1. I haven't given Merritt a lot of finger foods either. He loves them, but I'm still a little freaked out with the gagging. This weekend we discoverend boccoli. I lightly steam finger sized florets. The stalk makes a great handle and he loves gnawing at the top.

  2. Levi loves any sort of fruit, really. Cut up into little pieces.

    He LOVES pickles cut in half length wise (I think they feel good on his gums). He had some rice the other day (not the sticky white rice).

    I can't really help with the other questions... other than maybe making something that you can portion and freeze and then microwave when you get home? Like casseroles or soups.

  3. Thanks for the input ladies...I think I just need to get my nerve up =)

  4. I haven't been giving Jude as many solids as I should either, I'm slowly working on that by offering him puffs and chunks of fruit throughout the day.

    Target usually has really cute things. As does Etsy.

    For a late dinner that's easy to prepare after work you could put something in the crackpot in the afternoon or morning and it would be done and ready by the time you got off.

  5. yay!! congrats u {girls} deserve it ;0)