Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thanks, Kim!

I will admit, I have been neglecting my poor blog lately. Luckily, Kim from Kyndall's Smile has left it some much needed love. She awarded me with my 2nd ever blog award the Beautiful Blogger Award. Thanks Kim!

The award rules are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Copy the award and paste it to your blog.
  • Link the person who nominated you.
  • List 7 interesting things about yourself.
  • Nominate 7 other beautiful bloggers.
I am not sure if I can do interesting, but I will go for random. Hopefully that counts. 
  1. When I was in 1st grade I wanted to be a marine biologist and I was OBSESSED with manatees. Now, I think they are kind of weird looking.
  2. I am 5'2".
  3. I didn't get my license until I was 19 and I never brought a car to college so I am just now beginning to drive a lot. I still have some new driver tendencies and driving on highways, pulling over for an ambulance behind me, and driving behind anything that is carrying a strapped on load on the back (like logs or poles) really freaks me out.
  4. I think I decided not to go to law school...I still don't have a backup plan.
  5. When I was younger I LOVED the babysitter club books. I had like every single one and I would read instead of playing like a normal kid. When it was warm outside I would always bring a blanket outside and lay it down in some corner of the yard so I could enjoy my book. I usually would have a hard time getting comfortable and go back inside after like 15 minutes :)
  6. In high school I was the bad kid. B-A-D.
  7. I hate when people talk about how quickly time passes. It always makes me feel like my life is almost over and it literally makes me kind of nauseous. This is a new thing, and started sometime near the end of my pregnancy.
Like I said, maybe not interesting, but random.

As for 7 other beautiful bloggers:
(I am not sure if some of y'all are even into the award thing, take it if you want, if not, I promise my feelings won't be hurt!)
  1. let it be
  2. My Story Is Not Over
  3. Natballs ( for some reason I can't visit her blog right now!
  4. Raising Evey
  5. The Bailey Family
  6. The Browns
  7. And because I am STILL grateful for my pretty, new blog (and out of ideas of who to nominate) I give an award out to Mrs. Muffins once again.
Enjoy y'all and take care!


  1. Thank you!! Who doesn't love getting awards? I also was a BSC fan. When I realized that I was too old to be reading them I was so sad. I told myself that as soon as I had a daughter I could start reading them again with her, haha! I meant to tell you that I LOVE Being Erica. It comes on SoapNet at 10pm on Wednesdays if you want to want DVR it.

  2. yayy!!! you nominated me!!!
    and wtf is up with my blog?! i hope it works for you O.o

  3. Nat, it is still bringing me to

  4. Thanks!! You're the first one to ever nominate me for a blogger award! :)

    I'm so glad you found someone to help you with blog design. Your blog is so beautiful now with all the changes! Love it!