Saturday, February 6, 2010

First Day

Thursday was my first day as a working mother.

I think I started getting ready four hours before my shift. Me. The girl who wears jeans when she wants to look good (in my defense, that has only been since mid-pregnancy).

I kept packing her diaper bag and then remembering something else I should be sure to add. I tried on one black shirt and then swapped it for another black shirt. Gemma must have sensed my anxiety because she was FUSSY. In between getting both of us together I would stop for 20 minutes at a time to soothe her, change her, feed her, or whatever and literally minutes later she was crying again.


Dropping Gems off was difficult, but to be honest, not impossible. I really have a lot of faith in the babysitter and I feel like she is safe there. It is just sort of a gut feeling that she will take care of her well. Of course, I miss that I am not able to be with her but I know that I have to work.

For both of us.

Work itself was okay. Boring. I think I will wait to decide how I feel about it until I am more settled in and I know what the job will be like. I think it is hard to tell right now, especially as the position is newly created.

After work, I went straight to the sitter to pick her up (of course!). When I walked in she was fast asleep in the babysitter's grandma's arms. I swear, there is something special about grandma's and babies, even when it isn't their grandma. Apparently Gemma had fussed quite a bit and babysitter's grandma diagnosed teething. I felt terrible that she was so fussy. Somehow responsible. I really hope she is more cheerful next time but to be honest, I am not holding my breath!

Does anyone have any advice for helping a young baby get used to a sitter? I have no idea how to help, I can't exactly explain the situation to her. Any help is appreciated!

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