Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Did it Grandma, Now Please Shut Up!

So I finally took the big leap and gave Gemma her very first bites of solid food today. Oatmeal, if you are curious.

It looked something like this:
Gemma + Oatmeal=Love

She loved it. In between bites, she would get tense and shake a little bit in anticipation of the next bite. I actually made a little bit of the oatmeal, fed it to her, and then tried to feed her a bottle. She refused to drink from the bottle and fussed until I made her two more teaspoons of cereal, and she ate all of that too. 

I will admit it wasn't complete love at first bite.

 Her first few bites were tentative...

...but she got the hang of it.

Afterwards, I felt like my baby girl had changed. Certainly she wasn't so vocal before. Or so hyper. And she didn't lay that way did she?

The cereal must have been magic. Or laced. Now she is all grown up.(well, kinda)

I called my grandma and told her about how funny she had been, but not about how she had changed. I also didn't tell her to shut up, although the call may have that affect as she can no longer accuse me of starving my baby. I told her to check her email because I sent her about 20,000 pictures of her Great Granddaughter's first bowl of oatmeal.



  1. That's so cute! Spencer did NOT like oatmeal for awhile, I'd always have to mix it with her organic bananas, haha :) I'm glad Gemma did well with the solids!