Friday, February 12, 2010

Master of Disaster

Life is getting to me right now.

I had to miss work. Again. Today.

Babysitter broke her hand.


Not at the babysitter (the growl I mean.) That growl was directed towards life in general.

Instead of dwelling on this misfortune I will choose to be happy. There are many things to be happy about, like the fact that my baby finally decided to roll over, at the ripe old age of 5 and a half months old. G-double-O-D J-O-B, Gems. You made Mama proud. +)

Also happiness inducing, I received my very first blog award courtesy of Meg at Let it Be. Thanks girl =)

Part of the "rules" is to name 10 things you are a master of, so in no particular order:

I am a Master of:
  1. Doing almost anything while holding a sleeping baby in my arms, including but not limited to, making a sandwich, checking the mail, and brushing my teeth.
  2. Singing every single lyric to Juvenile's Back that Thing Up...the unedited version ;)
  3. Naming all 19 Duggar children in birth order. Word.
  4. Growing an out of control uni-brow in mere hours minutes.
  5. Being mommy to the very very best girl in the entire world.
  6. Wasting ridiculous amounts of time online and then blaming my lack of accomplishment on a fussy baby.
  7. Making sweet tea that is sooo good it makes you wish you were raised in the country too.
  8. Finding people's weak spots and keeping them in mind when need be.
  9. Using context clues to decipher any new slang that I was previously unaware of. Take that, Flo-Rida.
  10. Giving baby advice because HELLO, I have been a mama for FIVE WHOLE MONTHS.

And now I will pass the award to a few of the bloggers that I follow :)

Nicole @ Mrs. Muffins


  1. Mastering doing anything while holding a baby sure comes in handy, eh? Just wait til she's older and tries to grab the toothbrush out of your mouth and then puts it in hers. LOL!

  2. HAHAHAHA! this is totally ME!:
    "Wasting ridiculous amounts of time online and then blaming my lack of accomplishment on a fussy baby. "

  3. Hi Kacie!

    It has been a LONG time since I posted a comment on your blog. I finally got my hands on a working laptop again and free wireless internet. First thing first, thanks for the award! Since I couldn't figure out how to post a comment from my phone, I had published a "Thank you for an award, Kacie!" post on my blog instead. Second, your blog is CUTE!!! I love the new layout. I need to switch mine up to get ready for the spring but I am a little lazy. Lastly, I hope all is going well with you and Gemma. I remembered reading some obstacles you were having with the snow and your job and finding a babysitter. I prayed for you and hope everything is working better for you both.