Tuesday, February 9, 2010


You may have noticed recently that my blog is looking a little...basic.

Previously, I had the same cutesy, pre-made template forever and then, all of a sudden, one day I was all like, "OMFGeez. I hate this old lady crap, and it is a total misrepresentation of myself, and who have I become?"

So I went through a few other "looks" in quick succession, got frustrated with how much I HATED them all, and now it is blank. 

I need your help. The blankness is driving me towards a breakdown as dramatic as the one that led to the blankness in the first place.

Does that make sense?

Anyway, what I am asking you all for is any advice you have on Blogger design. How can I spruce things up? Do you have any links to websites to walk me through it? How in the heck do you use the free digital scrap booking stuff? 

I am sooo lost and Google hasn't helped me as much as she usually does.

Or maybe, if you don't have any tips on blog design, you can point me in a direction with templates that don't look like Great Granny's sewing box threw up all over the place. 

It would be much appreciated.

It is looking like now might be the perfect time to work on getting this together because they are calling for another 10"-20" inches of snow on top of the 18" that is still left from this weekend's blizzard. I think the next time we leave the house Gemma may be walking.

So, please. Take pity on me. Help a mama out!


  1. I think my page looks a little Granny, lol but i've been helping some other bloggers with their pages. If you want to e-mail me with what you have in mind I can see if I can help you out!?

  2. haha okay I don't know if you think mine is "old-lady-sewing-box" but I like the site


    Their free designs are more simple and less scrapbook looking. Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks guys! I am emailing you Muffins and checking out AquaPoppy too :)