Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ask and You Shall Recieve

Notice anything different around here?

My super boring, depressingly barren, blog is no more. Thanks to the amazing Mrs. Muffins completely HOOKED ME UP. In like a day. And she asked for nothing in return. Pretty amazing right? I am really grateful for that generosity and I LOOOVE the new look, so thanks again Mrs. Muffins! 

I am so glad that I asked for help with this. One of the greatest lessons that I have recently learned, is that you can't get something unless you ask for it, and of course the old, "it doesn't hurt to try," still rings true.

Other than my gorgeous new look (here of course, personally, I still desperately need to get my eyebrows done), things have been relatively uneventful. We got another 6 inches of snow today and they are saying that this is the snowiest winter in recorded history. Insane. I could show you a bunch of winter wonderland-picture but I am not going to because a.) I live in the middle of town so the pictures wouldn't be that winter wonderland-y, they would just be kind of snow on pavement-y, and b.) carrying a 14 pound baby around on a sheet of ice that is two inches thick scares me. I don't want us to fall on her face ya know?

So, instead of braving the elements we have stayed inside. I could have used the time to clean but instead of I have surfed the internet and spent time with my buddy D.V.R. Not surprising at all.

I did manage to cook dinner today and I was pretty proud of myself. I had to take apart a whole chicken though and that was serious business. I tried YouTube-ing "How to Cut a Whole Chicken," videos. They all went pretty fast though so I sort of did my own thing. I was fine removing the wings and the thigh but when it came to separating the breast my technique left something to be desired. It was literally straight out of the PETA leaflet gross. Yum (or not). After tossing about 2 pounds worth of "I have no idea what that part is," I was left with something that resembled chicken breasts and that was good enough for me. I followed this recipe. It was yummy, if a bit bland, but it kind of worried me when I realized that my entire dinner was a bit...yellow.

I am pretty sure that a dinner that is only one color is not a good. In fact, there are a few things about this plate that may point to why I am about 15 pounds heavier than I want to be right now!


Anywho, it has taken me an entire day to string together these few paragraphs, so I think I may just leave you with this...

and the promise of many more distracted, but well-intentioned posts to come =)


  1. I've been struck by the snow too! It's ruining my plans to go shopping :(

    Gemma looks super cute, is that a highchair she's in? I haven't got one yet but I like that one (if that's what it is!)

  2. LOVE the new look! little miss gemma is a doll!!

  3. ecen though that dinner is all beigy... it looks delicious!

  4. Mrs. Muffins-Her high chair is a Graco Meal Time in Cherry Blossom. I am not sure they sell them anymore, I bought this one at Big Lots super cheap.

    Thanks Meg & Linsey!

    And it was delicious Nat, haha =)