Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Current Life In Two Lists

Last night before bed I made these lists and thought they did a pretty good job of summing up life for me right now. I crossed out the things I have gotten done (well, at least mostly done)  as of 1:30 p.m. today.

Short Term Goals
  • Take care of insurance paperwork.
  • Call about Gemma's Insurance.
  • Pick up Gem's new meds. (Doc prescribed a new medicine that should help with colicky-ness. I sent my mom to pic it up but I have to wait until 4 when the truck comes in.)
  • Clean Bathroom.
  • Tweeze eyebrows.
  • Fold Laundry. (Gemma's is done...I still have a basket of mine though).
  • Call school lady. (This woman works for a non-profit who said she would help me out with the law school app. process. She said she would get back to me about a week ago. I am trying to figure out how long I should wait before calling her back. I don't want to seem rude, but enough already!)
  • Email lawyers. (I actually posted on a message board asking for help with law school selection/apps etc. and 3 women were willing to help by answering my questions! It is such a blessing and I am so grateful.) 
  • Take Gemma's costume pics. (Then I drew an arrow pointing down to the mid-term goal list)
  • Wash clothes.
  • Return library books.
  • Call Granddaddy.
Mid Term Goals (I don't even think this wording makes sense...but I "get" it so it works)
  • Start studying for LSAT ( Maybe I should move this one up!)
  • Choose the schools I will be applying to.
  • Find a "this year" job. -Maybe apply to 3 per day? (I have applied to 2)
  • Work on my personal statement.
  • Get a haircut.
  • Organize baby room. ( Not a nursery, but an empty room with baby gear we don't use day to day. Gemma is still sharing a room with me and there is NO WAY all of it would fit...)
  • Learn Gemma's schedule and from that create a daily schedule for us both. (With an arrow pointing up to short-term goals. I have a good idea but keep getting suggestions to put it on paper so I think maybe it would be worth a try.)
  • Look up Thanksgiving ideas. (It is at our house this year.)
  • Create a cleaning schedule.
  • Get all of the pics of Gemma printed. (I still have 0 hard copy pics of Gemma, I want to catch up and then try to get pics printed monthly.
Well, my little fuss bucket (as my dad so kindly calls her) is waking prematurely from her nap so I better go get her settled....

Hope you are getting things checked off of your to-do list today, too!


  1. re. the LSAT, you might find our new podcast helpful. It is called

    Everything you need to know about the LSAT

  2. I find I'm more successful at writing the "dun did it" list at the end of the day. everything is checked off and i feel really accomplished.

    who gives a care if it's cheating???

  3. Haha, Stephanie.

    It would definitely be sort of a confidence booster. I might steal your idea :)