Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy 3 Months Gemma!!!

I am going to start my stating the obvious... I didn't try too hard for a picture this time. I snapped 3 quick pictures almost identical to this and then you pooped straight through everything so I ran to give you a bath ... Thanks boo :)

Your sleep this month started off okay but I think you are in a "transitional" phase. Your naps are getting longer and you are letting staying asleep longer if I put you down while napping. We are headed someplace good I think but we are not quite there. You had gotten into a consistent bedtime for a couple weeks but for the past week it has been out the window! You still sleep half the night your bed and the other have of the night in "our" bed. We probably should work on that before you really get rolling around... I would hate for you to end up in the middle of the floor or something  :)

You have actually started to like the swing! Sometimes you will stay in there for almost an hour while I get stuff done. You are also enjoying your play mat and other toys much more now.

You got weighed this past Tuesday and you only weighed 10 pounds and 15 ounces. Apparently that isn't quite as much weight gain as you should have so I am giving you more formula in hopes of chunking you up to a weight the docs are more comfy with.

Since you haven't gained a lot of weight since last month you are still wearing 0-3 months mostly, size 1 diapers a couple newborn onesies still fit.

You are losing your spike and that makes me a little sad.  You are actually losing a lot of hair so I guess I should just be happy with what you have got left!

Your eyes are ever so slightly more brown but for right now they are such a funky color, all I get is red eye or black in pictures though.

One of the greatest things about this month has been watching the relationship between you and Granddaddy (my daddy) grow. It makes me so happy to know you are becoming buddies.

You are also such a SMILEY baby even though your tummy hurts you a lot. I am so pround of you. I love you...forever and always.


P.S. Your aunt has been calling you Bam Bam or Jammers... I am scared that those might be the nicknames that stick!

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  1. nah those nicknames wont stick...we used to call ours pebbles (she has red hair) and bam bam (she likes to bang stuff around) but now they are princess and she looks adorable!!! they usually lose their hair and then grow in thick luxorious hair so just wait! :)