Friday, November 20, 2009

Confession #2

I have a tendency to develop...addictions.

Really strange addictions. I will become obsessed with something for a short time (usually about a month) and before you know it I am completely OVER it.

I would give you examples but confessing my past loves would probably only serve in embarrassing me.

Who needs that?

Currently, I am addicted to frozen French fries and the show 18 Kids and Counting. (And apparently I am addicted to using links in my blog posts.)

I have been going through about 2 bags of frozen French fries a week. I cover them in garlic salt and then eat them with ketchup mixed with hot sauce. It is one of those things you know is, oh so wrong, but seriously want it to be all right... It is kind of strange to me that I am so "into" them because I always used to think they were gross.

Go figure.

I also used to always think that the Duggar's (the family on 18 Kids and Counting) were gross too. Well not gross but creepy, misogynists, who needed to open their minds and close their legs. Now, I wish they would adopt me. I am in that strange, early 20's phase of finding/defining my faith, and I have no idea where I stand with God or where God stands with me or what I believe or what I don't believe and I find their faith so...refreshing. So welcoming. So easy. It seems so perfect in a way that makes me think even if there is no God maybe it would be worth it to believe just to be as happy as they are.They are all so attractive and well mannered and they seem so darn happy.

I am pretty sure Jill Duggar won't end up back at the Duggar home with a baby when she is 23 and single.

The show makes me feel like life really can be easy.

As easy as frozen French Fries :)


  1. You're not the only one. I am so addicted to 18 Kids. It's my maternity leave guilty pleasure. And those french fries sound really good. (I am never going to lose this baby weight...)

  2. Mmm, I LOVE frozen french fries...especially the seasoned ones! I NEVER thought about putting ketchup and hot sauce together. That sounds like it is worth a try! I am a "ketchup on fries" fanatic and I love my Texas Pete!!!

    Girl, my TV addiction is Biggest Losers. I guess because I feel like I need to take my 175 pound behind on there and lose this baby Ugh, this holiday season is not going to make it any better...

    As far as where God stands with you...He loves you dearly and is always with you. Even though we may find our plans and pathways cloudy now, it is reassuring to me that God already laid out our steps before we were born. We just have to keep pushing. Think about it, one year ago, we had NO idea that we would have beautiful baby girls this year. Just imagine where we would be next year around this time...working, in school/finished with school (in my case), living independently, running around with our girls. It is going to get so much better...harder, yes...but better and more rewarding! :)

  3. I love this post-I love the whole idea of Confessions...I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to share them on my blog!

    And I pretty much think the Duggars rock!