Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Often, when Gemma gets fussy, someone will say to her "It's just so rough being a baby isn't it," in a tone that totally means, "You are living the life kid, cheer up!".

Earlier today, on the drive home from my mom's (where I have been going to study for my LSAT) I started thinking and I actually think that at times it must insanely hard to be a baby. They get gas trapped in their bellies. they cut teeth, they poop in their own pants. Even harder, they have a very short time to learn a ton of skills (crawling, walking, etc.) and I can imagine how hard that is. Like your hardest class ever times 3.

Last night, for example, my dad placed this little blue toy of Gem's in the tray of her swing yesterday. She spent THIRTY MINUTES manipulating this thing to get it to her mouth. THIRTY MINUTES. After about 15 minutes of trying to do something and not being successful at it I want to scream but Gemma just kept plugging along. She would fuss a little here and there but eventually the toy made it to her mouth!

I think she may have surprised herself a little, too . :)

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