Sunday, November 15, 2009

Celebrations and Generations

In our post-Halloween, pre-Thanksgiving break Gemma and I have still been finding reasons to celebrate.

My cousin Zack turned 20 years old and then became ENGAGED less than a week later.

Insane right?

It is interesting (and strange) to notice the generation shift as my brother and sister and cousins and I are becoming people who are old enough to get engaged and have babies and be real "grown ups".

I have spent a lot of time wondering lately about what my parents and grandparents thought and felt when they were in the stage of their lives that we (I) are (am) in now and how it must feel to be in the stages that they are in now, and how I will feel when I make it to the stages that they are in (Lord willing) and where they will be when that happens.

It is strange because all people say, "When I graduate...When I get married...When I grow up..." but never fully "get" that it will eventually happen. That they will come to that point in life and even pass it.

You only get it when you look around one day and realize that it has HAPPENED.

Gemma and I also went to a surprise 60th birthday party for my grandmother this weekend. Again, I am still trying to wrap my head around 60 years. How my perception of 60 is so much older than my perception of my grandmother. I can only imagine how she feels.

How I will feel.

When I am 60...

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