Thursday, November 12, 2009

11 Thoughts on 11 Thoughts for 11 Days at 11 Weeks

When Gemma was 11 days old I wrote an "11 Thoughts for 11 Days" post and now at 11 weeks I thought I would take a look back and comment on some of the thongs I wrote then.

Love Ya Gemma Bean and Happy 77 Days Old!
  1. Even though I realize that Gemma's smiles are pretty much just reflexes, they still make me swoon.
    • The smiles are real now but equally swoon-worthy J
  1. I have always heard that people forget the pain of childbirth soon after...I still haven't, and I am pretty sure I won't be having any kids for as long as I can remember!
    • The pain hasn’t been forgotten, but I am sure that I will be crazy enough to do it again.
  1. I worry when she sleeps too little and I worry when she sleeps too much. I worry when she eats too little and I worry when she eats too much. I have a feeling that this worry is pretty permanent.
    • Ha, the worry is still there. I am more comfortable in my role as mommy though, which has helped a lot.
  1. The way I feel about this baby is indescribable. I love her so intensely, yet she kind of feels like a complete stranger who has hi-jacked my life. I feel a little guilty for typing that.
    • She doesn’t feel like a stranger anymore. I am definitely still getting to know her better but she is familiar to me now.
  1. I though that sleepers for babies were practical. 19 billion snaps is far from practical. The alternative sleep gowns are always from 0-6 months which means she is swimming in them...what is a girl to do about nightwear?
    • This is no longer an issue, partially because I have become better at snaps, but mostly because she doesn’t need to be changed 20 times a night anymore.
  1. Breastfeeding is HARD.
It really has gotten a million times easier and way less time consuming than it was back then. I actually like how convenient it is now, even though I never thought I would get to this place with it.
  1. Throughout my life I have always complained about how hard it is to switch sleep routines, yet now it switches everyday and as long as I got sleep I am happy.
    • Gemma’s night time sleep is great. She doesn’t sleep through the night but pretty close.  In general I feel well rested.
  1. I have lost 28 pounds so far...maybe only a pound or two shy of what I gained throughout the entire pregnancy. I now secretly smile at myself when I pass by mirrors as long as I don't focus on my eyebrows (which desperately needed to be done weeks ago) or think about how my stomache looks (like bread dough that has been mauled by a wild cat).
    • I have gotten my eyebrows done since then ;)! My weight loss has leveled out and I am (considering) starting to watch what I eat and exercise more.
  1. 11 Days later I am just feeling like I am emerging from a post baby daze. I feel like I have been walking around in a fog since she was born
    • 11 weeks later the fog has certainly lifted. I still feel lingering hormonal stuff but nothing at all like it was then.
  1. Yesterday, I thought it would have been cute to do a "10 Thoughts for 10 Days" post but never got around to it. There is so much I wish I could say here everyday and I just don't have the time. Hopefully I can get back at it soon, I don't want to forget these early days. As hard as they are now I know I will miss them later.
    • I am happy with the frequency that I am able to check in. Now I just need to work on making enough time to write everything I want to say in the way I want to say it.
  1. I have been completely obsessed with taking pictures of her even though she is pretty much just always sleeping.
    • I am still obsessed with taking pictures of her. I feel like almost daily there is a new little version of her and I want to remember each one because I love them so much :) 

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