Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Babies and Phone Inteviews Don't Really Go Together

I finally got a job interview!

Well a phone interview at least, for a medical receptionist position.

 I was so nervous and to be quite honest I am not sure how I did. It was definitely one of those interviews that you walk away from (or click away from in this case) really feeling like it could go either way. The interviewer was totally sweet and it was a short, straightforward kind of thing. Unfortunately I am still suffering from the mush-brain I mentioned yesterday. Not to mention Gemma was in my arms in a slightly fussy mood that was threatening to get worse so I was pretty distracted.

 I am going to be optimistic though, hope I make it to the face-to-face interview, and if I do I will knock that one out of the park :)

I really, really need this break but at the same time am trying not to get my hopes up too high.

I hate waiting.

Gemma is doing okay. She has had an okay day fussiness wise. I am actually a little surprised because the past week has been TOUGH. As her doc said, I am earning those future Mother's Day presents. I hope all of that stuff they say about high needs babies being super intelligent is true because if it is I have the next Madame Curie hicupping here in my lap!

It is so frustrating because when Gigi is feeling good and her real personality comes out she is such a sweet natured baby. She has a huge gorgeous smile and coos at everything and I really think she would be like that most of the time if she were feeling better.

She is such a handful that my father actually got her a Halloween costume that he felt was more fitting of her personality than a mouse.

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  1. That's so funny your dad bought that costume! She looks cute in both of her costumes. Maybe it's because I had/have a high needs baby/toddler, but I tend to believe that they are the future geniuses of the world :)

    Hope you get the job!