Sunday, July 5, 2009

57,56 & 55 Days Until Baby

Despite still not feeling well it ended up to be a pretty nice 4th of July weekend.

It is interesting to see how other people react to my pregnancy as I am getting bigger and bigger. There are the name questions (No, I still don't have one. Yes, _____ is a good name I will definitely think about it.) and comments on my size (which range from whale references to I can't believe you are so tiny). I get overly personal questions to which I use the relationship I have with the asker to determine the most appropriate way to avoid them.

I really wish I had been able to enjoy being outside just a little more yesterday. This cold/allergy/whatever it is definitely had me hiding in the house for the sake of breathing. I had so much family around, and it was nice to visit, but I spent a lot of time just sitting in the house gossiping with old ladies.

I am way tooo cool :)

Yesterday also marked 32 weeks pregnant! Only 8 more weeks until my due date. When the baby will be born has become a recent topic of discussion as the end is almost in sight, I can't believe I can finally say I am due next month (even though it is still basically 2 months away, probably more if the baby is born late). It sounds soon. I have gotten requests and basically I was told that I am not allowed to have the baby any day but Friday or Saturday, and Thursday's the family would be slightly annoyed but could manage. Personally, if I am late enough to be induced and have any choice in the matter , I think September 9th, 2009 would be kind of a cool birthday to have (and that is a Wednesday).

It is hard to believe I am far enough along to where there are no huge developmental milestones, pretty much the baby (and I) are just getting bigger and bigger. Of course major organs are developing further, which is critical, but the parts and pieces are all finally there. It is hard to believe a few months ago the weekly update would be "Now baby has eyeballs" or whatever. I can't believe how far I have come.

On another sadder note, I have been obsessing over my little stretch marks. I really thought I was gonna get lucky.

-55 Days Until Baby

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  1. My parents hid my pregnancy from everyone in my family until I was 6 months pregnant- and then my grandma died- so that's how they found out. At the funeral. Which was terrible in many ways, but when my grandpa saw me, he cried and said, we lost our girl but God's giving us another one.

    My biggest regret is not enjoying my pregnancy, being embarrassed about it, hiding from everyone.

    I voted on your names and my favorite is Gemma, but you said your dad doesn't like it, so I guess that one's out. I also really like Lila, Lola, Olivia, and Zara.