Wednesday, July 29, 2009

31 Days Until Baby

I am officially ONE MONTH away from my due date.

This pregnancy seems like forever and 5 minutes all at the same time (just like everything in life I guess.)

I am feeling much better today. The crazy hormonal downpour I have been experiencing lately has finally calmed down and I have been left with this...

Not only is this a bad analogy, it is also a picture I took myself today!

I feel like I need to take more pictures to be more "bloggerish". Even though my apparent lack of camera skills here may justify why I don't include pictures more often :)

Crappy analogies and camera skills aside I am feeling much better. I am more together, more myself, and I even extended an olive branch to my sister today and began talking to her again today. Baby steps.

Speaking of BABY, I had an appointment today. I was super nervous/excited because I had been promised another ultrasound but it didn't happen. On the bright side though, the doc said I didn't need one because everything with the pregnancy looks good. The baby is "good sized" (what does that mean anyway? I am afraid it means HUGE) and head down so I am relieved to hear that. ***Warning: The Rest of this Paragraph may be TMI*** She also did the GBS test and did my first cervical check today. I was expecting agony but surprisingly it wasn't that bad (maybe my doc is talented?). So far I am still very pregnant. My cervix is high and completely closed. I may make it on my ill-advised vacation in a couple weeks!

My other major happening for the day is I completed a 101 in 1001 list, basically a list of 101 things that you want to complete in 1001 days. If you blog I am sure you have seen them. I have created a seperate place for that "project", and I might mention my progress on it here, but for the most part I intend for this blog to continue being what it is...whatever that is :) If you are interested in checking it out it is here. I think it will help me get through these next 4 or so months of time spent not working and help me maintain a sense of self after the baby is born.

Ahhh...Only ONE MORE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!

-31 Days Until Baby

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