Wednesday, July 22, 2009

38 Days Until Baby

I spent a good amount of time today browsing around random blogs and such.

I must admit I haven't really gotten into the whole blog culture until really recently. I have found them insanely addictive especially as someone who enjoys the ability to peek into other people's lives.

I think my only frustration is I don't really see many blogs about women whose lives are similar to mine. My position is pretty unique. There aren't really very many single, pregnant, recent college graduates in the world. I enjoy pregnancy and mommy blogs but it is kind of hard to relate to insensitive husbands, thoughtful boyfriends, excited fiances etc. Also, it seems that a lot of these mommy bloggers are in there 30's. All of the young (especially single) moms are REALLY young... like 17 so it is hard to relate there too.

On the other hand, I really enjoy hearing different perspectives and have found a few blogs that I think are really great and funny. A lot of times there are surprising commonalities even where you don't expect them. If nothing else, it has definitely been an interest that has helped pass all of this extra free time that I have.

It also inspires me to want to try and write coherent posts as opposed to the stream of consciousness nonsense I usually find myself posting (like this for example.) I haven't really done much to become better at the whole blog thing lately but I have been thinking about it!

I also had a doctors appointment today. It was a little disappointing because she told me that she would do an ultrasound at 35 weeks... I assumed that that would have been today as I am 34 weeks and 4 days and I assumed that my next appointment would be at 36 weeks and 4 days but apparently I am ready to start my once a week appointments! So I will be getting the ultrasound next week. I also will be getting the dreaded GBS swab done which I am NOT excited about. Basically they swab the girly parts and the bum.

Yuck. As if pregnancy isn't invasive enough!

I also tried to talk to my doc about the anxiety I have been having lately. Her advice was to keep busy. Hello. I am not lazy I just have nothing to do! I try and fill as much time as possible with worthwhile pursuits but really... I am out of ideas.

I have absolutely no money so I can't really go anywhere or shop or anything. I don't have a job I don't have school. I try reading but even though I have always been an avid reader I have begun falling asleep whenever I try to read.

I also could be planning for life after baby (job, future schooling, etc. ) but for some reason I am just not feeling it lately... It is hard to make yourself do something that doesn't include specific tasks when you don't feel like it...does that make sense?

Tomorrow will be a fairly busy day (for me anyway!) as I will be returning the rest of my un-needed baby shower swag (i.e. anything Winnie the Pooh plus some of the 9 million recieving blankets I recieved) and using gift cards to get things I still need (newborn sleepers, towels, crib sheets, etc.) It is kind of fun, because since I don't have a job it is the closest I can get to being able to shop for the baby on my own.

I also have some sort of a pregnancy or childbirth class or something that I promised to go to at this local pregnancy center in return for the super sweet (FREE) breast pump that I recieved last week.

I guess I will have to update on all of that excitement tomorrow!

-38 Days Until Baby


  1. Defintely return all Pooh products, but you'd be surprised how fast you go through blankets. At least half will probably be thrown away because they're not salvageable- due to bodily fluids. And then some are bound to get lost, around in the house, in the wash, the black hole that steals everything, haha! I probably had about 25 blankets starting off, and now I only have 4. Trust me, you'll want them later on when she out grows them and you can always take them and turn it into a quilt of her baby items. (That's what I'm in the process of doing, but not very good at it and I get distracted!)

    Wow, sorry to write all that about blankets. Let me know if you want a list of some other single mommy bloggers who are in their early to mid- 20's. You're right, there aren't a ton our there, but there are quite few I think you might be able to relate to.

  2. Thanks for the advice! I did end up keeping lots of blankets...and I am only left with one Pooh item which none of my local stores claim to sell!

    I am definitely interested in the other bloggers. Thanks :)