Wednesday, July 15, 2009

46 & 45 Days Until Baby

When I first found out I was pregnant I was prepared for certain changes in my body and in my life. I expected morning sickness (which I strangely only had like once). I expected stretch marks. I expected mood swings. What I didn't expect was how much it would affect SLEEP.

For one thing I am so0o tired. I think that there was a brief grace period somewhere in the second trimester where I felt like I could function on less than 12 hours of sleep. Definitely not the entire second trimester like I was led to believe (thanks a lot What To Expect!) but a few weeks. Unfortunately, that means about 35 weeks of my pregnancy have been spent sleeping 12 hours a day. That is 17.5 WEEKS OF SLEEP!

Which might sound good to some but this isn't really great, soul restoring, relaxation inducing sleep. It is struggling to find a position where I won't smush the baby/smush my back/smush my face and trying to find a position where my feet won't swell and the heartburn won't flare up, and then dozing of for about 45 minutes until my first of no less than 4 bathroom trips of the night (even though I haven't had a sip of water for hours). After each trip it is another 15-30 minutes of adjustment until the next time I wake up to repeat the cycle all over again.

Even more strangely, sometimes during these trips I will wake up and not be able to fall asleep...Until whatever time it is that I should be waking up and then I sleep half of the next day and wake up in time to cook dinner and then it happens.
Again. and Again. and Again.

And this is how I have spent 17.5 weeks of my life.

Maybe I should have expected it but I totally didn't.

-45 Days Until Baby

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  1. Strange as it sounds, one of the the best parts about having a c-section, for me, was the catheter. I didn't have to pee for 24 hrs and it was so great!

    It really is awful though- the sleeping and being pregnant. I'm a stomach sleeper and I thought I would die having to sleep on my side for so long. And it's so hard to explain to others who haven't been through it, how you can "sleep" so much but still be exhausted from not sleeping enough. REM interruptions mess everything up!