Monday, July 6, 2009

54 Days Until Baby

I am OVER halfway done with childbirth classes! I am a little disappointed because these classes are one of the few things I have to do in life (it's sad I know, don't judge me!) but it also means I am getting closer and closer to the BABY!

Today's class was on pain management and breastfeeding.

The pain management part wasn't exactly satisfactory. I had read about something called a walking epidural, with which you are still able to move around during labor which is good, it helps avoid the stall in labor that can be caused by an epidural which sometimes leads to a c-section. What I wanted was a really thorough comparison of the two to better help me make my decision and instead I got two sentences out of the nurse, even after asking for clarification. At this point I am seriously considering just getting the standard epidural because I am frustrated with the little bit I have learned about the walking epidural.

I was a little happier with the info learned in the breastfeeding part of the class. Our substitute teacher for the day is the actual lactation specialist at the hospital so she seemed really knowledgeable. What I appreciated the most is that it seems as if she is pretty much willing to meet with women whenever after the baby is born in cases where you are having problems and such. I was worried that I would have to find (and pay for) a service like this so I am excited to learn that it is just sort of an available service.

I think the best thing about my class might be the snacks. They have all of these chips and cookies and random things to choose from. Today I had these really yummy chips.

I tried to add a picture but it wouldn't let me! They are REALLY yummy if you haven't tried them. They also had mini cokes but I had already had quite a bit of caffeine today so I restrained myself and didn't have one even though I LOVE Coke. And anything mini for that matter, so it was extra hard not to! I can't figure out what the "safe zone" is for caffeine and from what I understand I pretty much push it on a daily basis. I was able to quit all of my other bad habits, quit lunch meat, quit hot dogs...I take vitamins pretty much every single day and have for a very long time. I just can't stop with the soda and sweet tea. I'm not sure why but it is insane how addicted I am.

In other pregnancy related news I invested in bio oil today which says it will minimize the appearance of existing scars and stretchmarks and prevent new ones. I also bought the Palmer's stretch mark stuff so I am going to see how well I can fare in the battle against stretch marks...

I will definitely keep you updated!

-54 Days Until Baby

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