Monday, August 16, 2010

Me Me Me Monday (the third)

So, did you notice I avoided this last week?

Finding the me in single motherhood continues to prove difficult. Without a partner to defer to, I'm always "on." of course, all mothers experience that, but I think for us single moms it is harder.

I haven't gone to the gym. Haven't quit drinking soda. Haven't been watching what I eat.

I still believe that finding the time/energy/motivation to treat my body right is the first step that I need to take toward reclaiming myself. I'm not so sure what is blocking me. I have the resources I need, and I know that it is something I really want...

Maybe that is the key, is that I am not making what I want a priority. I am not sure that I even remember how to do that.

Any tips, suggestions?

Anyone want to tell me to just suck it up and do it?  (I have a feeling that that is what needs to happen.) Will this be the Monday that I get a firm grip on my bootstraps?

I'm optimistic.

I'm optimistic.

I'm optimistic.


  1. I really have no advice. it's gotta be super difficult to be a single mom. I play one part-time because my husband is working and in school for his masters.

  2. I'm only just starting to get a handle on this myself... we've been at this for almost the same amount of time! But I think it's probably much easier for me because I get alone time when Levi goes to his dad's house for an evening, or a day, or a weekend - whether I want him to or not. So at that point I'm forced to focus on me.

    The more you try, the easier it will get - eventually.

  3. I'm beginning to think there's nothing to "get". You just swing it for as long as you can and ask for help when you can't.

    Keeping my toes crossed!