Thursday, August 19, 2010

8 Days Until Baby...Turns One

Remember when I told you here that my dear sweet Gemma had an unexplained fever and was not feeling so hot (well, actually she was REALLY hot,  but ya know what I mean.)

Well, we got our explanation. After four feverish days, she woke up covered in spots. It kind of looked like this:

(this isn't Gemma btw)

Roseola. It is a basic childhood illness that I would Google and link for you, but I am sure that if I did that I would find the one website that would convince me that Gemma's face is going to fall off, and then I would have something else to worry too much about.

Poor babe (I am feeling sorry for her sickness, and her psychotic mama, not her face falling off, in case you were wondering.)

On the bright side, the rash only lasted a couple of days and upon its arrival Gemma's fever was gone and her spirits were much better.


A relatively happy, rash free baby. (With 6 teeth!)

Today was a good day. It is beautiful outside,  so Gemma and I went for a walk to pick up things to send with her for dinner at the babysitters. In a stunning show of creativity, I bought ground chicken, chicken breasts, chicken legs, and a measly sweet potato. (I do plan on sending her with fruits and veg, just the boring frozen ones we already have at home.)

Poor kid! If I keep this up she won't need the chicken cosume that I bought her for Halloween...

Anyone have any good ideas for simple yummy stuff that I could send to the sitter's for Gemma's dinner? I have found all kinds of cute ideas for lunch stuff, but I guess I just feel like dinner should be more...substantial. Does that make sense?

We also went to get my sister's car inspected. The rental car that I have had since our small wreck has run out, so I am car-less until this weekend when we go shopping for a replacement. My sister was recently given a car by my grandfather, but it is older than what I am used to, and much louder than what I am used to, so since the inspection was almost up we went to get it inspected so that I could feel okay with putting Gemma in it.

(Yes, I am seriously that paranoid!)

This post is beginning to make me yawn, so I guess I will go back to work (because that's more exciting???)

Bye Y'all!


  1. Awe, Gemma is too cute. Yes the 27th! So wonderful our girls have the same b-day :) I'm a follower of yours! I love the way your counting down :) Take Care.

  2. Seriously, how freakin cute is she?! You wouldn't even be able to tell she was just getting over an illnes, from how adorable she is in that picture. Hopefully the next thing she catches won't be associated in any way, with her face falling off. Lol...we are our own worst enemies when our children get sick...always worrying (& googling) about what it could be.