Friday, August 13, 2010

Fevers, Tantrums, and Rainy Days

It's be a little quiet here this week. It has been quiet at home too. Well, sort of. It has been quiet if quiet means that you don't have any fun at all and just care for a flaming hot, fussy, almost one year old while watching Mr. Hollands Opus and eating steak flavored potato chips then all has been...quiet.

Starting Wednesday evening until about 10 a.m. this morning Gemma has been running a temperature that stayed around 101-102 degrees. Last night, it spiked to over 103, and I had a mini mommy meltdown but then came to the conclusion that the only thing I could do was wait it out for morning, when I could call the pediatrician and go buy Motrin to give her in addition to the Tylenol she had been getting. Luckily, by 10 a.m. when we woke up (sooo late, oh my goodness!) her fever had begun to go down and by early afternoon she was almost completely herself.

I am blaming the whole ordeal on teething, because well...I don't know what else would explain it. She had just been at the docs and her ears/nose/throat and everything else was checked, and she is cutting new teeth, so there ya go. Teething it is. Who cares if Dr. Google says teething won't cause temperatures that high.

The weather has been rainy and demotivating all day. I had to coax myself into going to get my paycheck cashed. There is a special kind of lazy that doesn't feel like going to get money.


My lazy, somberness has followed me here to work where the best I can do is yawn and eek out this post.

Maybe being off this weekend will be enough to cheer me up =)

See ya Monday....

p.s. I hardly mentioned the tantrums I promised in the title of this post. I will say that Gemma wasn't the only one throwing them.

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  1. Yeah, my daughter always ran a fever with teething also. It can be scary when it passes that 100 degree mark, glad it went down and I hope she gets to feeling to!