Monday, January 3, 2011

The Year of Me

2009 was The Year of Gemma. Two years ago tomorrow, I came face to face with the little pink line that would change my life forever. (This happened in the bathroom at the grocery store, but that is a story for another time.) My 2009 was spent growing this baby, accepting this baby, meeting this baby, and learning how to care for this baby, this baby I wasn't quite sure I was ready to have. (Or maybe I was quite sure I wasn't ready to have this baby.) The whole of my 2009 revolved around Her.

2010 was The Year of Us. Gemma and I. Our own little two person family. I really learned how to be a mother to this child and in turn she grew to love and trust me. My love for her is unexpected and special. Looking at her is like looking at the best parts of myself. It has been a hard year. An exhausting year. A year that I sometimes didn't want to keep trudging through. All of the struggles of 2010 were worth it though, because 2010 made Gemma and I an Us.

I have decided that 2010 will the year of Me. Obviously I am going to keep loving Gemma, caring for Gemma, and being the best mama that I know how, but I also want to turn back some of my life's focus onto myself. I want to start graduate school. I want to take care of my body. I want to have fun. I want to get to know this girl who has changed so much in 2 years that she hardly recognizes herself. I want to spend 2011 working on Me.

2011 New Years Resolutions
Get Accepted to Grad School OR Come Up with a Plan B
Weigh 125 by my 25th Birthday (June 26th)
Read More
Blog Everyday in January (Except on My Weekends Off)
Do Other Things that Make Me Happy, Bring Me Towards My Goals, and Help Me Find Myself Again

By this time next year I want to be my very best self.

Who knows, 2012 could be the year of Him.


  1. Great post! I love your can totally do these things. XOXO

  2. I think this is a great post! go you!