Monday, January 10, 2011

What I Ate on My First Day of "Dieting"

All day yesterday at work I felt fat.

Uncomfortable in my skin, hanging out of my clothes, catching a glimpse of how I really look now, fat.

I resolved myself to finally, once and for all, making a real go of loosing the 20 or so pounds that have really been irking my nerves today.

For breakfast, I had one and a half fried eggs, two slices of white toast with butter, and two strips of bacon.

For a snack I had gooey butter cake and a glass of milk.

Lunch was almost an entire sesame chicken lunch special and half an egg roll.

I will eat dinner tonight, at 9:30, I'm not sure what .

According to my nifty calorie tracker app, I have already consumed over 1900 calories today.


At least I haven't had any soda!

And as always...tommorrow is another day.

Wish me luck.

And will power.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck! I feel like eating about 20 fried eggs at once and taking a bath in butter!