Tuesday, January 18, 2011

By the Time I'm 25...

In 5 months and 8 days I am going to be 25 years old!


I keep thinking about who I want to be at 25 and how I am not quite that person yet.

So, I am on a quest for self improvement, both in and out.

I really want to overhaul my life and be the best me I can be.

I might try to focus on self improvement here for awhile. My life needs a lot of work and it sounds kind of silly to talk about these things out loud in real life...so I will let it all out here.

I want to be more patient, find inner peace, and reconnect with myself spiritually. I want to read more books, keep myself on a budget, and get more organized. I want to focus on my diet, exercise, dressing nicer, taking better care of my skin and hair.

I know I was kind of wish washy on the whole resolution thing, but I really need to make the changes I want to make like now.

After all, now is all we've got right?

P.S. 159 Days 'til I'm 25


  1. i wish you the best of luck. every day is a chance to be better.

  2. Make a bucket list.
    And remember, "What the mind can create, the mind can achieve." (-W. Clement Stone)
    This is the year you finally become YOU! :) 25 will be fabulous.