Friday, January 14, 2011

Gemma, Right Now

So, I realize that I haven't posted those monthly photos in...err...3 months, but I have been taking them, and I promise, Gemma keeps getting cuter and cuter. I used to write a little bit about her at each month, but I haven't done that since I quit posting pictures, so I wanted to just get out a little bit of randmomness. Feel free to skip this post, hey, it is Friday night anyway...should you really be in blog land? :)

Gemma is such a sweet, sweet girl...except for when she is pulling your hair.

She call toes piggies and likes to sniff...and sometimes lick (gross)...them.

Brushing my hair is fun for her and sometimes painful for me.

Just yesterday she started SCREAMING the dog's name "Ojjjjjjj." (His name is O.J., but we call him Oj...sounds like Oh plus G as in Giant.)

She's afraid of bugs, which is unfortunate because we STILL have pesky freakin' stink bugs.

She calls most drinks "milk" and desperately wants whatever I am drinking.

She loves ducks, and says "quack" whenever she sees them. Her quack sounds kind of aggressive, but so do all of her other animal sounds...

She has so many distinct intrests now! Cars (vrooom), dinosuars (rawr), babies in both doll and photographic for (bay-beh!).

She likes playing dress up, by throwing clothes around her neck or she tries to to put my pants on. She also tries on any pair shoes that she comes across. She likes applying lip gloss, uses lotion on her hands, and puts bracelets and hair ties on her her mama.

She no longer just says "hello" on the phone, she has long gibberish conversations.

Anytime she sees a pillow, bed, or blanket, or when the t.v. is off (this shows my bad habits!) she says "night night."

She loves splashing in water...especially the dogs' water. Ick.

She's definitely off and running.

She likes to spin in circles. She gets really dizzy after a few spins and falls on her butt.

She likes rocking chairs and assumes most seats will rock. She says "rock, rock" as she sits.

Gosh, she really is the best baby ever!

You disagree?

Okay...maybe not the best baby ever.

But she is pretty freakin' sweet.


Here's an awful camera phone picture of her that was taken earlier this week. She is drinking a juice box and hanging out with her Aunt Abby...


  1. Sam shares so many of these cute Gemma-isms. He loves to "rock" and try on shoes and OH! the dog water thing....ugggg. He also likes to make dogfood cereal out of the kibble and water dish. Lovely.

  2. She sounds like she is aaaalllll girl