Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Just the past few days.

I have no idea why.

Or even how.

Considering there is beauty in my life.

Maybe tomorrow.

Maybe then, I will feel more chatty.

But not yesterday.

And definitely not today.

Just a few more pictures.

All pretty much the same.

Because I can't decide which one I like best.

Happy Tuesday.

A.K.A. The best T.V. day of the week.

For now at least.

But not much longer.

Tomorrow, okay?


  1. I have these days myself... i hope you find your motivation and inspiration!!! She is beautiful!!!!

  2. hope you can find some inspiration in the next few days. i have to say-she (gemma) is pretty good inspiration!

    gorgeous gemma!

    tonight is the BEST night of TV this week. DWTS, 19 Kids & Counting, and Parenthood!

  3. I think we all have these days - Tomorrow is the best day in tv for me...since I watch all the great shows from Tuesday night on Hulu.

  4. I have had a really bad day, so I understand!

    She looks like she is getting so much bigger and she is such a cutie!

  5. Definitely no stranger to those days myself, mama.

    But those pictures of your beauty? So adorable.