Friday, May 14, 2010


I can't believe I have reached 200 posts. To be honest, I am surprised I made it past 20. I am also surprised by everthing blogging has brought to my life. One of the most surprising additions, is that blogging has made me more self aware. By sitting down with my thoughts and experiences, I am able to make sense of them. Also, your comments and feedback teach me lessons all the time.

For example, my new blog friend Renee left this comment for me, on my post this Tuesday:

"Hi Kacie! My name is Renee and I haven't commented before so just thought I'd introduce myself.
Oh my goodness Gemma is just a CUTIE! You are soooo lucky!! Hmm.. maybe check out for some cute purses/wristlets! :)"

Do you see the part where she says You are soooo lucky!! ? (yes, I highlighted and bolded to make it easier). That comment really meant a lot to me. I think it is easy for me to forget how lucky I am. I am caught up in my day to day life, as a single mom and an only active parent, as someone who doesn't know where they are going in life next, and isn't sure how or why they got to the place they are in now. I am so caught up in being that complicated girl. But, like I said, blogging and your comments bring about self awareness and yes...

I am so LUCKY.

So in honor of my 200th post, and inspired by Renee's sweet comment:

200  100 Reasons I am Lucky

  1. Gemma

  2. My Parents

  3. My Siblings

  4. My Grandparents

  5. My GREAT Grandparents

  6. All the friends I have

  7. All the friends I have lost

  8. The lessons that said friends and family have taught me

  9. The love that they have given

  10. The support that they provide

  11. I have clean sheets at night

  12. I have food on the table

  13. I have clean water to drink

  14. I always have shoes to wear

  15. I live someplace where it is safe to go barefoot

  16. I live someplace where it is safe to live

  17. I know that I have the ability to achieve great things

  18. I have so many options

  19. I know how to read

  20. I love to read

  21. I have found lots of great blogs to read =)

  22. I take tests well

  23. I have found an eyebrow girl I LOVE

  24. I was able to quit smoking

  25. I am free to speak my mind

  26. I have a job in a tough economy

  27. Some people think I am funny

  28. I have a car to drive

  29. I can (usually) afford gas to fill the tank

  30. I have been to the beach

  31. I live in the mountains

  32. My skin will tan!

  33. I have eaten fresh tomato sandwiches in the heat of summer

  34. I have central heat and air to keep me comfortable

  35. I have a baby who lets me get sleep at night

  36. I have been given the opportunity to get to know myself

  37. I have decided that I like love who I am

  38. The stability that I lack is countered by posibility

  39. I don't have bad allergies

  40. I have health insurance

  41. I have all 5 senses

  42. My body is capable

  43. My mind is capable

  44. I can see both sides of a situation

  45. I am creative

  46. I have strong opinions

  47. I am not afraid to express them

  48. Target

  49. I still get to look forward to meeting my future husband

  50. And growing old with him

  51. And having more babies

  52. I have a college degree

  53. Fried Chicken

  54. I have a gym membership

  55. I know how to swim

  56. I FINALLY respect my body

  57. I am an adventerous eater

  58. I live in a pretty town

  59. I have some nice co-workers

  60. My sister is home for the summer

  61. My sorority is great

  62. And my sorority sisters are greater

  63. My family is STILL proud of me

  64. I found a new wristlet

  65. I can text pretty fast

  66. I type okay, too

  67. I sort of have a plan

  68. But other options are still there

  69. 23 is a pretty cool age

  70. I understand basic rules of punctuation

  71. I am open minded

  72. I will make more friends

  73. I am able to provide for my daughter

  74. I have help to be able to provide for my daughter

  75. My daughter has the sweetest smile you have ever seen

  76. Everybody says so

  77. I no longer need a drink to have fun

  78. I'm a democrat ;)

  79. Obama is my president

  80. Doughnuts

  81. I have been through many things that have made me a stronger woman

  82. I am good at math, too

  83. I can follow a recipe

  84. I have found things to keep Gemma busy

  85. I come up with lots of ideas

  86. I am ambitious (200 100 is a lot of things to list!)

  87. I just got the bright idea to simplify

  88. Sweet Tea

  89. Honeysuckle

  90. Lilac

  91. Bath and Body Works new Lemon Vanilla Spray

  92. SNBC

  93. Rap Music

  94. Regina Spektor

  95. DVR

  96. Iced Caramel Macchiatos

  97. Internet

  98. I have respect for others

  99. My parents taught me manners

  100. I was able to change my mind half way through, and do 100 things instead of 200, because 200 is A LOT!
Happy Weekend!


  1. Wonderful, wonderful post!!!

  2. Hey Kacie! Hope you are having a great start to your weekend! I certainly am- thanks to this post! This was SOOOO sweet of you!

    You really are lucky. I would love to hear more about what it's like being a single (not to mention young!) mom! I am only 15 but I absolutely LOVE babies and you seem like an amazing mom!

    Have an amazing weekend! :)

    P.S. Feel free to email me :)

  3. Congratulations on your 200th post, that's so great! And that list was wonderful- I also like looking forward to meeting my future husband, as well as a bunch of other things you listed! Have a great weekend!

  4. Loved it! Awesome idea Kacie :)