Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Little of Me Fighting with Time Again

Today is Gemma's 9 month birthday eve.

Now, a lot of times I (secretly) mock other bloggers (ya know, in a nice way) about turning the passing of time into a major milestone in a child's life. I would list a few examples, but chances are you (or I), or some other person that you/I/we love/admire/respect is "guilty" and I am not trying to lose any followers  hurt anyone's feelings here. I am just trying to say...

Every second that passes is NOT big deal. After your baby was born, time had to go on, ya know?

3,4,5,6,7, or however many months flew by, because honestly, in the grand scheme of things, any time that you are measuring in months is (generally) a very short time. That is why it felt so...short.

But today, on the eve of Gemma's 9 month birthday, I am feeling down right sappy. I can't get over the fact that she has belonged to the world for as long as she belonged only to me. I have turned that phrase over and over in my mind, and I am still absorbing its truth.

I am glad time passes. Each second, each minute, each day, I become happier. I become more grounded. Each moment brings me one step closer to the great things I see for myself, just on the horizon.

Even so...

Sharing is hard.

Especially when you are sharing your heart.


  1. I know what you mean. The last 3 months seem to have flown by and changes occur every single day. I feel like I waited forever for him to come into my life and now 9 months is here and I am still in shock!

    Happy 9 months Gemma from Blaze (9 months today)

  2. I think it flies by a lot faster as they get older. When my daughter was a newborn it seemed like it took forever for her to smile at me, laugh, hold her head up, etc. But as she gets older so many things happen at once that you barely have time to get over one milestone and they are on to the next.

    When she one month barely crawling and the next cruising, then climbing the furniture, taking steps, talking, arguing with me and becoming a toddler it is clear that there is no pause button!

  3. I'm totally guilty of being a major sap about the passing of time! But I do my best to keep that in my head and not bore the WWW with it. ;)

    But this? I love this post. And happy 9 months, Gemma!