Saturday, May 1, 2010

I've Been Working on the Weeeekennnd...

All the live long dayyyyy!

Of course it's 90 degrees and slightly breezy (perfect)!

And the biggest festival in the area is in town.

And for the sake of whining, I'm huuungry.


If I am being positive...

Which I should...

I only have one hour and 27 minutes left of my work day today.

When I get off work my dad will have gotten my oil changed, at no cost or hassle to me.

I'm making money so that I can spend money =)

I've had more than enough time today to catch up on blogs, and then some.

I am going to my mama's for dinner cooking for me!


The weekend I have to work will be half over, so basically, I am over the "hump," in my work week, so to speak.

I have one request though, if anybody is out there in blog land this weekend, could you pretty please leave me some links to keep me entertained tomorrow? Obviously work appropriate, and the computer here doesn't have sound, but other than that...links you love, blog related or otherwise! It would be much appreciated =)

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